Leviticus 9: Eternal Worship

Come gather at the altar and draw near,
It’s the eighth day, Jehovah shall appear.
The idols of your house you must bring here,
And slaughter them to God in sacrifice.
The holy food God gives for you to eat,
The incense of our prayers still repeat,
And hear the benediction Aaron speaks,
Forgiveness, blessing, spoke again in Christ.
His people, church, and holy bride awaits,
To see the glory of their Savior’s face,
And will He come, this Groom, this God, this Grace?
Will yet atonement for their sins suffice?
He comes! With fire, arrayed in holy light!
We are redeemed! In triumph worship Christ!


Leviticus 8: Consecration

The audience assembled,
Before Jehovah’s tent.
The parliament of Israel,
On consecration bent.
To watch the sacred washing,
Of Aaron and his sons,
They clothed in holy robing,
In sight of everyone.
And also be anointed,
As holy among men.
The sacrifice appointed,
Would all be done again.

The audience assembled,
Outside the city gate.
The parliament of Israel,
To kill the Lord in hate.
Who washed the twelve who sought Him,
As Moses washed the priests,
Who Roman’s clothed to mock Him,
His duty to unleash.
With blood and sweat anointed,
And spirit breathed within,
Before His death appointed:
Redemption for our sins.
The week would be His vigil,
Who surely can not die.
The high-priest but resembles,
The One of priests most high.
High-priestly consecration,
That Moses could not tell,
Who in His installation,
Would sacrifice Himself!

Leviticus 7:28-38: Wages

The work-man’s worthy of his wage,
And for his service prompt his pay,
Divine this declaration.
The wages of right are breath and life,
The wages of sin are death and strife,
Paid without hesitation.

Then raise the thigh and heave your cost,
And wave the breast – this sacred cross,
The wages of the clergy,
The sacrifice would pay it’s blood,
The meat was paid to priests for food,
All pointing yet to Calvary.

Where God’s own son was sacrificed,
He – lifted, waved – our savior, Christ,
His body our communion.
Our pay is Christ, His priests, His bride,
Our sacred food, our joy, our life,
And bound in holy union.

So raise your offering to the Lord,
Support the shepherds of His word,
The worship of your tithing.
A tribe of Levites, priests of God,
Our portion bought with sacred blood,
For Jesus all our striving.