Leviticus 6:24-7:14: Priestly Sonnet

No priest was passed the need to give his tithe,
Thanks-giving for the fruits the Lord endued,
A curse on them whose greed consumes their life,
Give gifts to God with gifts that He gave you.
And priests would reconcile men from sin,
A sacrifice of service, prayer, and praise,
Proclaiming the salvation Christ extends,
A mouth-piece, martyr, embassy of grace.
The priest receives and eats the holy food,
The work of God, the sustenance he needs,
Communion with the Christ our strength renews,
So through His sacrifice, His worker feeds.
And God has called us each as priests of Christ,
In service then, surrender all your life.

2 thoughts on “Leviticus 6:24-7:14: Priestly Sonnet

  1. This is my first attempt at a Shakespearean Sonnet. I’ve never had much luck with pentameter before, so hopefully this turned out OK.
    In this poem, we get to look at three more duties of priests, taken from Leviticus 6:24-7:14, namely, Priests would tithe, priests would reconcile people to God by offering sacrifices, and Priests would eat the holy food.
    As I mentioned last week, all of us, as Christians, are considered God’s priest-hood (I Peter 2:9). So, we should be doing what priests do. To be good priests, we should be giving our tithes. Although there is not temple-sacrifice to reconcile people to God anymore, we can still act out this reconciliation by being the means of grace through preaching the gospel, and exhorting people to return to Christ. Also, we should be eating the holy food, both physically, by partaking in Communion, but also, spiritually by doing the will of our Father (John 4:34).


  2. This sermon helped me to understand a deeper meaning to communion. As priests, we are to eat of the food offered to God, the bread and the meat/blood. Together. So natural.


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