Leviticus 7:15-27: Identity

Now, what is my identity,
My master whom I can not flee?
A slave to Christ, not sin or me,
In Jesus Christ I am defined.

Identifying not with death,
But in Jehovah’s living breath,
His covenant, His grace, His rest,
With Christ my king, His law is mine.

Identifying with His bride,
Communion with the crucified,
And with His people unified,
His holy bride from sin refined.

So Satan’s feeble fantasies,
And sin, not your identity.
Redemption is reality,
We will in Christ perfection find.

2 thoughts on “Leviticus 7:15-27: Identity

  1. Our identity is found in Christ. This is a very profound statement, but it’s almost become cliché among Christians today. So what does it mean?
    This statement is very well illustrated in Leviticus 7:15-27, which demonstrates how the Levites were to act, since their identity was found in God. At face value, this passage talks about what foods you can or can’t eat, and thus we may think to ourselves ‘what does this have to do with me, in the twenty-first century?’ But there are two principles that we can apply to ourselves. 1. Part of identifying with Christ, is identifying with life. God is the God of life, while death is the curse of sin. As Christians, then, we need to live as lovers of life, and not associate ourselves with death, or symbols of death. 2. Part of identifying with Christ is identifying with His people.
    By identifying with Christ, we embrace God’s reality of forgiveness and redemption. Sin can have no dominion over us if we are in Christ. Sin is no longer part of our identity. Our identity is found in Christ.


  2. Nice poem, especially the third stanza.

    “We are what we eat.” Also, we become like the people we eat with.

    So, these ancient words call for us to gather together with others who worship the one true God and eat from the fresh and fruitful offerings given to Him. In community. Not to hoard the leftovers for ourselves keeping every last morsel so greedily that it spoils and makes us sick.

    We need each other because others have what we lack – the ability to reflect back to us both our true identity in Christ and the strongholds that keep us from living out that identity.

    Praise God for the authentic community I have found at Christ the Redeemer Church.


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