Leviticus 8: Consecration

The audience assembled,
Before Jehovah’s tent.
The parliament of Israel,
On consecration bent.
To watch the sacred washing,
Of Aaron and his sons,
They clothed in holy robing,
In sight of everyone.
And also be anointed,
As holy among men.
The sacrifice appointed,
Would all be done again.

The audience assembled,
Outside the city gate.
The parliament of Israel,
To kill the Lord in hate.
Who washed the twelve who sought Him,
As Moses washed the priests,
Who Roman’s clothed to mock Him,
His duty to unleash.
With blood and sweat anointed,
And spirit breathed within,
Before His death appointed:
Redemption for our sins.
The week would be His vigil,
Who surely can not die.
The high-priest but resembles,
The One of priests most high.
High-priestly consecration,
That Moses could not tell,
Who in His installation,
Would sacrifice Himself!


2 thoughts on “Leviticus 8: Consecration

  1. Leviticus 8 details the ceremony that took place to initiate Aaron and his sons (Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar) into the priest-hood. Its very easy to see this as simply an interesting historic event, or else as a completely irrelevant and useless bit of information. Why was this ceremony so important that God detailed it and had it put in the Bible?
    I see some very interesting parallels between this ceremony and Jesus’ crucifixion. 1, the leaders of Israel officiated over both (Lev 8:3, Luke 23:35) 2, A ceremonial washing took place before both (Lev 8:6, John 13:5) 3, Both were given special clothing (Lev 8:7-9, John 19:2) 4, Both involved anointing with blood (Lev 8:23, Luke 22:44) 5, both required a vigil (Lev 8:35, Matthew 12:40) and 6, and finally, both required a sacrifice — and Jesus’ case, the sacrifice was Himself!


  2. Beautiful insight, Amos.

    One of the things that struck me about the Lev 8 teaching was that the priests were given a ritual bath by Moses in front of the whole assembly. I don’t know about you, but I would be pretty self conscious if I were one of them. Yet it is only this type of vulnerability that we need if we are to get cleaned up by Christ. Only when we realize how gross we are in our sin and how we cannot get clean by our own frantic efforts are we ready to accept the gift of salvation that we only find in Jesus.


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