Leviticus 9: Eternal Worship

Come gather at the altar and draw near,
It’s the eighth day, Jehovah shall appear.
The idols of your house you must bring here,
And slaughter them to God in sacrifice.
The holy food God gives for you to eat,
The incense of our prayers still repeat,
And hear the benediction Aaron speaks,
Forgiveness, blessing, spoke again in Christ.
His people, church, and holy bride awaits,
To see the glory of their Savior’s face,
And will He come, this Groom, this God, this Grace?
Will yet atonement for their sins suffice?
He comes! With fire, arrayed in holy light!
We are redeemed! In triumph worship Christ!


2 thoughts on “Leviticus 9: Eternal Worship

  1. Leviticus 9 details the first worship service that was held in the tabernacle. There’s a lot in this passage, but I just want to point out a few things. First, Aaron is commanded to begin the ceremony by sacrificing a calf. Interestingly enough, calves are never mentioned among the list of acceptable animals to offer to God as sacrifices. So why did God command Aaron to start this ceremony by sacrificing a calf? Remember, that Aaron had only just led the entire people of Israel in the idol-worship of a golden calf. Now, Aaron — having been forgiven of his sin — begins his priestly ministry by sacrificing a calf, to lead the entire people of Israel in worship of the one true God.
    Also interesting to note, is how similar this ceremony is to the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. Aaron performs the sacrifices, gives a benediction, then enters the temple for a time, comes back out to deliver a second benediction, and then fire comes out from the face of God. Jesus performs his sacrifice (his death on the cross), gives his benediction (‘Father, forgive them,’) then enters into the tomb for a time, comes out to deliver a second benediction (‘Go therefore into all the world…’) and then fire comes out from the face of God at Pentecost.


  2. It seems to me like the book of Leviticus is turning out to be a dazzling jewel of priceless worth that has been hidden in plain sight for the 30 years of my life in Christ. How exciting and meaningful it is to gain enough understanding of this first sacrifice to Yahweh that it comes alive in my mind and even more so to see how it foretells the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ! Thank you Pastor Nate and Amos for bringing this glorious truth into the light. I would dearly love to hear this poem read aloud. I think it brings great glory to God.


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