Leviticus 12: Godly Womanhood

A waging war designed to kill,
What God Himself created.
The devils rage in worthless will,
Against what God has stated.
Of Godly womanhood I speak.
What else would make them gnash their teeth?

Oh! wondrous beauty of her kind,
That God Himself has fashioned,
To nurture children by design,
In childbirth compassion.
For this is good, as God decreed,
Do not despise her though she bleed.

For bleeding brings forth purity,
And thus were infants circumcised,
To demonstrate depravity,
And how our sins were exorcised.
And so eternal blood was shed,
A covenant of life instead.

The gospel then for genders all,
Not male or female only.
And all are equal to God’s call,
For God has called both holy.
So let us join our hearts to praise,
To serve our God in unique ways.

So don’t despised what God designed,
Of women raising children,
Satanic any who malign
And call her birthing burden.
A curse of everlasting pain,
On those who motherhood would shame!


Leviticus 11: Consecration

A sacred separation,
Among My holy nation,
Of sin’s decay, where death holds sway,
Abhor contamination.

Who eat what is decaying,
The curse of sin obeying,
Consuming death to fuel their breath,
And all this germ containing.

Infected pots are shattered,
Our souls the self-same matter,
Once contact made forever taints,
Unholy ever after.

In holiness pursuing,
Unclean in our construing,
Ourselves oppress, deserving death,
Still holiness eschewing.

We, never sacred fully,
God died to make us holy,
We died with Him! We died to sin!
So we can serve Him solely.

Leviticus 10:11-20: Aaron’s Prayer

The wrath of God is spent,
With substitute content,
Come eat the holy food He gives,
His grace when we repent.

His covenant of grace,
No fear before His face,
Forgotten all when he forgives,
And in His shelter placed.

“I can not eat this meat,
“Unworthy, full of grief.
“Let me return what first was His,
“And on You mercy feast.”

“My mercy is your bread,
“My law is not to dread,
“You live because I only live,
“Trust purely what I said.”

“Thy wrath, oh! dreadful storm!
“Thy Son in sacred scorn,
“On Jesus Christ, that terror spent,
“Thy grace to save reborn.”