Leviticus 10:11-20: Aaron’s Prayer

The wrath of God is spent,
With substitute content,
Come eat the holy food He gives,
His grace when we repent.

His covenant of grace,
No fear before His face,
Forgotten all when he forgives,
And in His shelter placed.

“I can not eat this meat,
“Unworthy, full of grief.
“Let me return what first was His,
“And on You mercy feast.”

“My mercy is your bread,
“My law is not to dread,
“You live because I only live,
“Trust purely what I said.”

“Thy wrath, oh! dreadful storm!
“Thy Son in sacred scorn,
“On Jesus Christ, that terror spent,
“Thy grace to save reborn.”


2 thoughts on “Leviticus 10:11-20: Aaron’s Prayer

  1. This passage (Leviticus 10:11-20) is really pretty self explanatory. God is merciful. It’s easy to think of that as just a simple concept, but really the implications should blow your mind every time you hear that phrase. God is merciful. Even though we are birthed in evil, greased in sin, conceived in wickedness, He says, ‘You are mine, and nothing will separate you from Me.’ Even when we mess up, and we disobey His law, He forgives, and lets His wrath fall on the substitute instead of us. This is not just a simple statement. This is the most profound, and most life changing truth: God is merciful!


    1. What strikes me about this passage is what a difference it makes where the heart is. Nadab and Abihu didn’t do the ceremony right. Zap! Fried to a crisp. Aaron didn’t do the ceremony right. God understood and forgave Aaron. Why? Because Nadab and Abihu were arrogant, proud and drunk. They didn’t show any concern for God. Aaron, on the other hand, was overcome with grief in his father’s heart. He honestly told Moses how he felt, he entered into the relationship instead of hiding behind walls of pride. It is touching when Aaron said, “You would have done the same thing if you were me.” God understood – He knows what it is like to lose a son.


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