Leviticus 11: Consecration

A sacred separation,
Among My holy nation,
Of sin’s decay, where death holds sway,
Abhor contamination.

Who eat what is decaying,
The curse of sin obeying,
Consuming death to fuel their breath,
And all this germ containing.

Infected pots are shattered,
Our souls the self-same matter,
Once contact made forever taints,
Unholy ever after.

In holiness pursuing,
Unclean in our construing,
Ourselves oppress, deserving death,
Still holiness eschewing.

We, never sacred fully,
God died to make us holy,
We died with Him! We died to sin!
So we can serve Him solely.


One thought on “Leviticus 11: Consecration

  1. Leviticus 11 is the well known chapter, in which God tells the Israelites what food to consider clean, ad what food to consider unclean, and what to do when they are contaminated by uncleanness. These specific rules about uncleanliness seem to be addressed specifically to the Israelite people. For one thing, the grammar of these commands make it clear that they are expressly addressed to the Israelites. Also, in the larger context of scripture, we see that in Noah’s day (Genesis 9:3) God tells Noah that he can eat all animals, not just clean animals, and then in the days of the Apostles (Mark 7:19, Acts 10:15). So the issue here is obviously not just about food. I think it is clear that what God is requiring here is an illustration of the larger principle found in verse 44 ‘You shall be holy as I am holy.’
    Another interesting side not: When an earthen vessel is defiled by an unclean animal, there is no way to purify it — the Israelites were told to destroy the vessel. Through out the Bible, earthen vessels are used as a metaphor for men’s souls (take Romans 9 for instance). This symbolism, then, is incredibly poignent: when our souls are touched by sin, it is imposible to clean it out. The only way to for us to become holy again is for us to die As Romans 6 tells us, when we accepted Christ as our savior, we accepted His death on our part, so that we have died with Him, and our body of sin is done away with — our earthen vessel is shattered — and we are now alive in Christ — clean and holy under His grace!


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