Leviticus 12: Godly Womanhood

A waging war designed to kill,
What God Himself created.
The devils rage in worthless will,
Against what God has stated.
Of Godly womanhood I speak.
What else would make them gnash their teeth?

Oh! wondrous beauty of her kind,
That God Himself has fashioned,
To nurture children by design,
In childbirth compassion.
For this is good, as God decreed,
Do not despise her though she bleed.

For bleeding brings forth purity,
And thus were infants circumcised,
To demonstrate depravity,
And how our sins were exorcised.
And so eternal blood was shed,
A covenant of life instead.

The gospel then for genders all,
Not male or female only.
And all are equal to God’s call,
For God has called both holy.
So let us join our hearts to praise,
To serve our God in unique ways.

So don’t despised what God designed,
Of women raising children,
Satanic any who malign
And call her birthing burden.
A curse of everlasting pain,
On those who motherhood would shame!


3 thoughts on “Leviticus 12: Godly Womanhood

  1. Leviticus 12 is one of the ‘childbirth’ passages in the Bible, explaining how to deal with uncleanness in the context of childbirth. It’s one of those ‘wow, I didn’t know THAT was in the Bible…’ sort of passages. However, it points out some very interesting, and essential principles. God made woman. In Genesis he called her ‘very good.’ There is nothing substandard or inferior about woman.
    Also, God designed women to bear and nurture children. Just a brief look at the miraculous systems that God has put into women’s bodies in order to provide for the needs of their children will leave you speechless in wonder. God is amazing! There is nothing shameful or inferior about women having children and raising them. That is what God designed their bodies to do. Having and raising children is a distinct honor and a blessing, not a burden. It is a satanic lie to tell women otherwise.
    It is in Satan’s best interest to destroy this picture of Godly womanhood, and convince women that they need to prevent conception or kill their children in order to pursue a career. It is also in Satan’s interest to convince men that women’s bodies are nothing more that an object for their pleasure. It’s time we cut through the lies, and return to a biblical view of womanhood — Leviticus 12 is a great place to start.


  2. This sermon astounded me with new information about the amazing design of Eve and her daughters.

    To me, this passage provides a profound basis for feminine modesty. If you had an amazing sports car, you wouldn’t leave it out on the driveway exposed to UV radiation, dirt, or theft. No. You would keep it well protected in your garage. Womanhood is far more amazing than any automobile. Can a car bring forth life and nurture it to maturity? How much more so, then, should the precious features of a woman’s body be protected from needless exposure. Not out of prudery or shame, but out of respect for the loving Father who created them.

    God bless our sisters in Christ. You bring glory to Him when you live out your design.


  3. I am prompted to add that this passage also offers a surprising degree of help to me as a man in my battle with lust, which is every man’s battle. The very features of a woman’s body which God designed to bring forth and nurture life, I have reduced to objects of my own visual gratification. That was wrong, I did it, and I pray for the Lord’s help to never do it again. One of the ways He has helped me in this battle is to look women in the face. As Jesus teaches, the soul shines forth from the eyes, and by focusing only on that part of a woman’s anatomy, I find that I am better able to regard her as the daughter of God that she truly is. Praise Jesus Christ for His victory over sin!


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