Revelations 2-3: Seven Churches

I know your passion to obey,
You test false doctrine by My word.
Yet you forgot and turned away,
From your first love who first you heard.
Who overcomes, I’ll grant to eat,
The fruits of life before My seat.

I know your tribulations great
Your poverty from heathen strife,
The Devil seeks to desecrate,
Yet I will give a crown of life.
With strength endure to final breath,
You’ll feel no pain of second death.

I know your faithfulness to Me,
Although you dwell near Satan’s throne,
Yet you commit iniquity,
And fail to worship Me alone.
Take manna if you overcome,
To each a name upon a stone.

I know the works you made for me,
Great monuments for truth to dwell,
Yet you accept idolatry,
And work the sins of Jezebel.
Who overcomes will rule with power,
Him I will give the morning star.

I know your works, you think you live,
And some of you are undefiled,
Remember well the grace I give,
For you are like a still-born child.
Who overcomes, in white I’ll dress,
Before the Lord I’ll him confess.

I know that you in faith are sure,
You’ve kept My word and praised My name.
I’ve given you an open door,
Your persecutors put to shame.
And he who overcomes this world,
I’ll make a pillar for the Lord.

I know the works that you have wrought,
That you are neither hot nor cold.
You think you’re rich, but you are not,
Accept from Me eternal gold.
Who overcomes as I have done,
Will sit beside the Father’s throne.

One thought on “Revelations 2-3: Seven Churches

  1. This poem is pretty self explanatory — coming from Revelations 2-3. These are the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor.
    A lot of debate has raged over exactly what the seven churches are. Certainly, these letters were written to the literal churches of Asia, and describe the situations these churches struggled with during the first century. However, there are also theories that these letters refer to seven prophetic stages that the Church would reach. Another possibility is that these seven churches represent the seven different kinds of churches.
    At the very least, all of these letter carry encouragement, and applications for all churches, in all stages of history. These letters also carry very serious warnings against apostasy, and tell of the ultimate hope of glory for those who ‘overcome.’


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