Luke 13:18-35: The Seed of a Kingdom

The Kingdom, small as mustard seed at birth,
A narrow way of monumental worth,
Where first is last, and where the last is first,
A day of small beginnings.

Incognizant the power small but bold,
In persecution it will soon unfold,
The crucible ignites the might it holds,
The kingdom ever winning.

It stands unbound by boundaries set apart,
The seed can’t be extracted from a heart,
Or be extinguished once the fire starts,
Our Savior still defending.

No deeds can buy your entrance to this seed,
The good you do will hinder and impede,
Adoption by the King, our only need,
And by His grace ascending.

Jerusalem, you great and mighty state!
The prophets all to jest you relegate,
I wish you yet to enter heaven’s gate,
My blood in soil blending.


One thought on “Luke 13:18-35: The Seed of a Kingdom

  1. This poem curtesy of Providence Community Church in Lenexa, Kansas.
    This passage in Luke I think is very encouraging. The Church may by small, but it is powerful — not through herself, but through Jesus Christ who redeemed her. We don’t have to be discouraged when the world looks like it’s winning, when we face intense persecution, when no one will listen to our message. We know that by God’s strength, we win in the end. We may be small and insignificant right now, but we belong to the Kingdom that will grow ‘and become a large tree, and all the birds of the air nest in its branches.’


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