Leviticus 17:1-9: Exclusivity

The great Creator – Lord divine,
The only God who reigns on high,
To Him alone bring sacrifice,
Give Him thanks,
Give Him praise!

For many worship hairy things,
And revel in what demons sing,
But judgment God will swiftly bring,
Give Him fear,
Give Him praise!

And this shall be to every man,
For all before their Maker stand,
By Him they shall be saved or damned,
Give Him honor,
Give Him praise!

For man is cast to outer night,
And but through death is counted right,
Admitted through the blood of Christ,
Give Him faith,
Give Him praise!


Luke 16:1-13: Wealth, Mismanagement, and Grace

A manager misusing grace,
By leaving ledgers out of place,
For keeping clear security,
Unjustly freeing debtors’ fees.
As shrewdness schemes outside of law,
Providing pleasures that will rot,
Can you not scheme strategically,
To emphasize eternity?

If God is who you greatly praise,
Then does your spending show His ways?
Your wealth must serve the Lord Most High,
Or you will serve your wealth and die.

For lawless can’t erase a debt,
Nor money any sin offset.
But holy blood alone atones,
Enslave yourself to God alone.
And be you faithful with your wealth,
To serve not money of yourself.
Proclaiming golden roads to come,
In hope to hear God say, “Well done.”

Leviticus 15: Purification

A putrid, rotting corpse,
Unclean in all my flesh,
With filth in all I do,
A sewer running death,
A dump-heap is my soul,
As humans all posses.
Emitted from my heart,
This sin drives us apart.

For you are wholly pure,
And holiness defined,
Immaculate in all,
Incomparable, divine,
Impossible to know,
Your sanctity sublime.
Your glory none have seen,
And none can come unclean.

Then dare I touch Your robe?
And make You too unclean?
Would my contagion mar,
Your flawless sanctity?
Oh! rapture at Your grace!
Your cleanness covered me!
And You, looking at me,
See Your own purity.