Leviticus 13:47-59, 14:33-57: Leprosy and Purity

Resurgent in its leprosy,
Though washed or put in quarantine,
Contaminating what is clean,
Ever spreading, ever breeding.

When sin – this plague – identified,
We ruthless must cast it aside,
Our hope, our Savior crucified,
Nature groaning, for sin crying.

With courage make the judgment call,
Distinguishing the sick from whole,
Beside God’s Word we stand or fall,
Truth defending, lies enwalling.

Rise up and stop subversive lies!
Expunge when leprosies arise,
And intervene when helpless cry,
Dominion taking, sin defying!

But helpless we can not remove,
Our putrid sin or else improve,
Our sanctity but by Your love,
You blood out-pouring, mercy proving.

No matter strength of our resolve,
We’re damned to this disease devolve,
A sinful cycle we revolve,
His death redeeming, His blood solving.

Oh! wonder at Your sovereignty,
Sin’s trial bringing purity,
And with temptation, strength to flee,
In His bleeding bondage freeing!

2 thoughts on “Leviticus 13:47-59, 14:33-57: Leprosy and Purity

  1. This passage deals more with the process of cleansing leprosy. Though fascinating in its own right just for its medical insights on deseases, it also has profound spiritual implications. Sin is just like this Biblical leprosy. It spreads, it contaminates, it’s disgusting, it infects, it consumes, it makes things unclean, and more importantly, it requires radical acts of destruction to eliminate. Sin is not something we can just ignore, or off-handedly stop, it requires whole-hearted, no-nonsense, dead-serious removal and obliteration. This is what the Bible requires of us. Here’s the problem: this is exactly what we can not do. We really kinda like sin. We enjoy our rebellion against God. We do not have the strength — or will-power — to totally eradicate it. Only by the blood of Jesus Christ can we ever hope to be forgiven of our sin, and only by His blood can we hope to see that sin totally removed from our life. In faith, we put our trust in Him, knowing that even as He was merciful in saving us, He will certainly finish that great act of salvation by completely eradicating sin, destroying the curse of sin, and then inviting us to spend eternity in communion with Him. Praise the Lord!


  2. Again I think was particularly well-crafted poetry!

    Let me suggest, however, that you use the word “expunge” instead of “exhume” in the 14th line. Exhume would connote that you want it back in your life.





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