Leviticus 14:1-32: Cleansing

Hear my news, hear my news!
Hear this glorious news,
Listen well all you outcasts and slaves.
For the leper in sin,
Unclean from the truth,
Hear of cleansing that God freely gave:

Goodly news, goodly news!
Of salvation for men,
Goodly news of the grace of our God,
Come and see, come and see,
He all pure from all sin,
He alone who can cleanse us from fraud.

Purified, purified!
When my High-Priest did die,
On a tree dipped in water and blood.
Seven times I was washed,
To be brought from outside,
And set free in His merciful flood.

I am clean, I am clean!
Let me come to Your church,
Let me sing of Your glory and grace!
I’m an exile no more,
But have come by new birth,
Counted clean, all my sickness erased.

Bless the Lord, bless the Lord!
For redemption of sin,
And the blessings He gives us the same.
Be you rich, be you poor,
He will readily cleanse,
He accepts you and calls you by name.

Glory oh! Glory oh!
For redemption from sin,
Glory unto the Father above!
Let us tell all the world,
Of the grace He extends,
Making sinners the heirs of His love!


One thought on “Leviticus 14:1-32: Cleansing

  1. This passage (Leviticus 14:1-32) details the ceremony for the cleansing of a leper. However, it is clear that this holds true for the cleansing of all those ‘outside’ God’s covenant grace. All of us require cleansing by water and blood before we can come into the presence of the Lord. This ceremony simply shadowed the greater work of cleansing that would occur at the cross. An interesting side note: in this passage, the leper is not the main actor — the priest is the main actor. In the same way, Jesus, our High-Priest, is the one and only person who can cleanse us from our sinful leprosy.


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