Leviticus 15: Purification

A putrid, rotting corpse,
Unclean in all my flesh,
With filth in all I do,
A sewer running death,
A dump-heap is my soul,
As humans all posses.
Emitted from my heart,
This sin drives us apart.

For you are wholly pure,
And holiness defined,
Immaculate in all,
Incomparable, divine,
Impossible to know,
Your sanctity sublime.
Your glory none have seen,
And none can come unclean.

Then dare I touch Your robe?
And make You too unclean?
Would my contagion mar,
Your flawless sanctity?
Oh! rapture at Your grace!
Your cleanness covered me!
And You, looking at me,
See Your own purity.

One thought on “Leviticus 15: Purification

  1. Leviticus 15 sheds light on Luke 8:43-48 — or the story of the healing of the woman with the issue of blood. As Leviticus makes clear, not only was this woman — and any woman with such a medical condition — unclean, but anyone she touched would become unclean. Regardless of this law, she goes out and TOUCHES Jesus — knowing full well that she would make Him ceremonially unclean by doing so. But this is where the story gets interesting. Not only is Jesus still clean, but the woman is cleansed of her uncleanness. This is just one of the amazing illustrations of Jesus’ eternal purity, and His gracious purification of us — His fallen and rebellious creation. Jesus alone can save us and cleanse us from our sin, and the amazing thing is that He did just that! Praise the Lord for His mercy!


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