Luke 16:1-13: Wealth, Mismanagement, and Grace

A manager misusing grace,
By leaving ledgers out of place,
For keeping clear security,
Unjustly freeing debtors’ fees.
As shrewdness schemes outside of law,
Providing pleasures that will rot,
Can you not scheme strategically,
To emphasize eternity?

If God is who you greatly praise,
Then does your spending show His ways?
Your wealth must serve the Lord Most High,
Or you will serve your wealth and die.

For lawless can’t erase a debt,
Nor money any sin offset.
But holy blood alone atones,
Enslave yourself to God alone.
And be you faithful with your wealth,
To serve not money of yourself.
Proclaiming golden roads to come,
In hope to hear God say, “Well done.”


One thought on “Luke 16:1-13: Wealth, Mismanagement, and Grace

  1. Luke 16:1-13, is quick likely the most difficult of all of Jesus’s parables to understand, partly because He seems to be exonerating a dishonest man. I believe that Jesus’ point is that men of this world will do anything in order to provide for their future financial security — for a future that moths and rust will destroy. At the same time, those of us who are in Christ do nothing at all to provide for our future security in heaven — and future that will last for eternity. Our lives — and this parable seems to be pointing specifically showing how our spending habits — should reflect our belief and our faith in Jesus’s redemption, and our faith and belief that we will spend eternity with Him in eternal bliss.


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