Leviticus 17:1-9: Exclusivity

The great Creator – Lord divine,
The only God who reigns on high,
To Him alone bring sacrifice,
Give Him thanks,
Give Him praise!

For many worship hairy things,
And revel in what demons sing,
But judgment God will swiftly bring,
Give Him fear,
Give Him praise!

And this shall be to every man,
For all before their Maker stand,
By Him they shall be saved or damned,
Give Him honor,
Give Him praise!

For man is cast to outer night,
And but through death is counted right,
Admitted through the blood of Christ,
Give Him faith,
Give Him praise!


One thought on “Leviticus 17:1-9: Exclusivity

  1. Leviticus 17 is the transitional chapter between the two halves of Leviticus. The first half of Leviticus deals with our uncleanness before God, and the second half deals with the standard of morality. This chapter then, is the foundation and basis of that morality. What is the all important message of Leviticus 17, then? You shall not serve any other god, but the one true God. This truly is the prime factor, without which morality can not exist. Apart from the truth of an infinite, personal God, there is no foundation for morality. God, and God alone, is the starting point for everything. If you reject God, you can not logically accept any meaning, truth, or morality.


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