Leviticus 18:1-5, 26-30: Compromise

“If total peace desired,
Then total war required.”
Accept no compromise,
In purity comprised.

The Coming One, who ever “Am.”
The giver of the Law’s demands,
The One who judges every man,
Declares the right, and evil damns.

The law that you obey will be your god,
Your worship in the things you praise and laud.
And Christ accepts no idols next to Him,
You must forsake the worldly ways of sin.

From Egypt you were saved and freed,
Why imitate their dress and greed?
The Canaanites were driven out,
Why think their thoughts, or heed their mouths?

If you accept their lies,
Adulterous compromise,
To marry lie to truth,
God’s war will fall on you.

Accept the law Jehovah gives,
It is the light by which we live,
That He may bless and prosper you,
His statues then your avenue.

Reject abominations God demands,
Though you be hated by the kings of man,
To be abominated by the world,
Preferred to being hated by the Lord.

Then bravely take you stand for Law,
Against the world and all it’s wrong.
That Christ is only King, proclaim,
Defy the tyrants’ every chain!

“If total peace desired,
Then total war required.”
For compromise is death,
The Law our life and breath.


Hebrews 10:23-25: For the Love of Church

What is it you love?
Can you show it enough?
Or would you leave, yourself bereaving,
Is this how you love?

And do you then return,
The love you could not earn,
And spend your days forever praising,
Holiness we learn?

Do you love your life,
Too much to come to Christ?
And as His symbol – church assembling,
Gather as His bride.

To love we must provoke,
To righteousness invoke,
Exhort, reprove, and help: all-loving,
As the Teacher spoke.

Thus to church repair,
No worldly work-affair,
And Jesus Christ – His glory sighting,
We join each other there.

Leviticus 17: The Law of Grace

To God, and God alone, bring sacrifice,
No worship then to demons should be made.
Or else in breaking this you lose your life,
Give soothing incense to the grace we prayed.
And drink no blood for this contains the life,
And this the sign – atonement of the earth.
In eating blood you worship hellish vice,
And through His blood God gave us all new birth.
And those who find the carcass of a beast,
Must wash their hands to keep their body clean.
A simple law, the covenant repeats,
But by the law our blood is made unclean.
Then must we bear the weight of sin and die?
The lamb, the blood, the water Christ provides!