Leviticus 18:6: Uncovering

God has brought us near,
Revealed Himself to us.
In sanctity of fear,
Obedience we trust.
The sanctity created:
The union of the flesh.
Who marriage consecrated,
Adultery detests.

So men, control your sight,
And don’t uncover her.
For purity then fight,
In every shape and form.
Take captive every thought,
Accountable to God.
Your holiness He bought,
Your sin defames the Lord.

And women, don’t reveal,
What’s shaming to the Lord.
Your thigh, the holy seal,
The Lord has set apart.
And seek to serve your brother,
In honor, cover up,
That you make no man stumble,
In modesty of heart.

And those who have offended,
Must still return to Him,
Forgiveness Unamended,
He heals and He defends.


One thought on “Leviticus 18:6: Uncovering

  1. Leviticus 18 is a rather difficult passage to contemplate, partially because, I think, it brings up topics which are especially convicting for those of us living in 21st century America. Foremost among the principles in Leviticus 18 is the concept of modesty.
    When modesty is discussed in Christian circles, we tend to take a very human-centered approach to the topic. One extreme position we take is ‘The heart is what matters, so I can dress however the heck I want. I have freedom in Christ, after all.’ The problem with this being that it really destroys the idea of modesty by giving licence to wear as little as you want. The other extreme position that can be taken is ‘women should never wear anything that could make a man lust after her.’ The problem with this position being that there will always be men who will lust, not matter how much clothing you put on. Though we tend to call the first of these extreme ‘licentious,’ and the second of these extremes, ‘legalistic,’ the truth is that BOTH of these positions are legalistic, since they impose a HUMAN standard of law.
    Instead, we need to view the issue of modesty from a God-centered perspective. What does God say about modesty? What does God say should be covered?
    When you look at the Bible, there are two things that the Bible clearly points out that Godly-women cover — namely the thigh and the head. I believe that the covering of the head is more of an issue of respectful worship then actual modesty, but that’s a can of worms I’m not going to open right now. There’s a lot more that could be said here, but for now I can say that this passage, as applied to women commands that women need to stay covered, at the absolute minimum covering their thighs.
    However, this passage has an even clearer application to men. Outside of the marital relationship, you men have no business uncovering a woman, physically or mentally. The marriage relationship was designed to illustrate God’s relationship to mankind, and it is sacred above all other relationships. To contaminate that relationship through adultery, pornography, masturbation, lust or anything else, is to directly defame the character of God.
    These are grievous sins, which we as fallen human beings have committed, and we have no excuse on our own. Our only hope then, is to turn to God in repentance, looking to Him for forgiveness. Thanks be to God that He has given us His forgiveness and the power of sanctification to turn away from our sins! Praise be to Jesus, since He has died in our place that we may be counted as righteous before God.


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