Leviticus 19:29-31: The Godly Culture

Remember God and turn to Him,
He is the only cure for sin,
And every nation changes when,
They’re touched by Godly culture.

You must not violate your daughter,
But fight for her – who is her father,
Esteem her, guard her – you, her brother,
Protect the Godly culture.

And worship Godly holidays,
To rest in God in Christian ways,
To honor Him, His Word, His saints,
Revering Godly culture.

The works of wizards then abhor,
Seek not their words or books or doors,
They’re judged as faithless, devil’s whores,
Accept but Godly culture.


Announcing: “The Lover & The Liturgist”

This is my newest compilations of poems, and I’m pretty excited about it. I have a lot of new poems, and even experiments in some new poetic forms. This book will contain poems from both this Sermon Poems collection, and poems from my own thoughts and meanderings over the year.
Special thanks to my brother Peter, for helping me create this snazzy cover.
Stay tuned! More updates to follow — looking forward to releasing the book this holiday season!

Leviticus 19:26-31: Pagan Practices, and Christian Culture

Come out a separate be,
In holiness to Me,
For I demand my Law’s commands,
In culture, sanctity.

Turn not to sorcery,
Informed idolatry,
In God your hope of the unknown,
Not God-less fantasy.
On God you must depend,
Not demons then to mend,
The forces laid that He has made,
No spirit then befriend.

Don’t copy pagan dress,
The pagan look confess,
But separate be in sanctity,
From those who worship death.
Your dress communicates,
Identity creates,
The history made, values display,
Make style copy faith.

And do not cut your flesh,
Emotional distress,
The main of Christ will yet suffice,
If you His name confess.
And do not carve a sign,
That would the Lord malign,
For all have meaning clearly seen,
So to God’s law align.

Accepting Christian faith,
Is more than mental weight,
But transforms minds to God’s designs,
And takes a cultural shape.