Leviticus 19:26-31: Pagan Practices, and Christian Culture

Come out a separate be,
In holiness to Me,
For I demand my Law’s commands,
In culture, sanctity.

Turn not to sorcery,
Informed idolatry,
In God your hope of the unknown,
Not God-less fantasy.
On God you must depend,
Not demons then to mend,
The forces laid that He has made,
No spirit then befriend.

Don’t copy pagan dress,
The pagan look confess,
But separate be in sanctity,
From those who worship death.
Your dress communicates,
Identity creates,
The history made, values display,
Make style copy faith.

And do not cut your flesh,
Emotional distress,
The main of Christ will yet suffice,
If you His name confess.
And do not carve a sign,
That would the Lord malign,
For all have meaning clearly seen,
So to God’s law align.

Accepting Christian faith,
Is more than mental weight,
But transforms minds to God’s designs,
And takes a cultural shape.

One thought on “Leviticus 19:26-31: Pagan Practices, and Christian Culture

  1. The Bible clearly shows that accepting Christ as your Lord and savior is not simply an emotional experience, or a mental choice — but a complete change of culture and life style. The Christian culture is utterly and totally distinct from all other cultures, and adopting the Christian faith necessitates adopting the Christian culture. This passage (Leviticus 19:26-31) demonstrates three distinct aspects of the Christian culture: 1, Christians must seek Biblical information sources, 2, Christians must consciously dress in a manner that honors and glorifies God, not copying pagan dress patterns, and 3, Christians must not cut themselves, either for emotional release, or in respect for the dead.
    Of course, even in these three principles, we have all failed to some degree or another. Thank God that he sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to cleanse our sins through His death and resurrection.


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