Leviticus 19:29-31: The Godly Culture

Remember God and turn to Him,
He is the only cure for sin,
And every nation changes when,
They’re touched by Godly culture.

You must not violate your daughter,
But fight for her – who is her father,
Esteem her, guard her – you, her brother,
Protect the Godly culture.

And worship Godly holidays,
To rest in God in Christian ways,
To honor Him, His Word, His saints,
Revering Godly culture.

The works of wizards then abhor,
Seek not their words or books or doors,
They’re judged as faithless, devil’s whores,
Accept but Godly culture.


One thought on “Leviticus 19:29-31: The Godly Culture

  1. Robert Woodberry, in his paper “The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy” demonstrates how Evangelical missionaries are the number one cause of free and democratic governments across the world. This passage, Leviticus 19:29-31, gives three practical examples of how adopting a Christian culture, and a Christian outlook on culture, changes culture for the better in three ways: 1, by removing prostitution, 2, but celebrating Christ in our holidays, and 3, by rejecting witches, and anyone who practices witchcraft.


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