When Christmas Turns to Bedlam

When Christmas turns to Bedlam,
And Bethlehem to hatred,
With chaos and oblivion,
And tempers all inflated.
When peace gives way to lying,
When sin consumes all living,
When closest kin are dying,
Is God His grace still giving?
Oh! Seek the Lord in prayer,
For He gives peace in Bedlam,
He conquered the Dismayer,
When He was born in Bedlam.
So trust Him and obey his word,
Renew you wonder at His birth.



the-lover-and-the-liturgist-proofI’m super excited to announce the release of my newest compilation of poems: The Lover and The Liturgist, and just in time for Christmas, too. It’s been a wild ride writing some of these poems, and trying to get this book out on time. Just yesterday, we came across a whole bunch of edits that hadn’t made it into the book yet! God provided, and we were able to get them done just in time for the big release.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea, here it is! This book would make a perfect stocking-stuffer or solo gift (or you could give it with some gourmet coffee, and then whoever you give it to can drink warm, happy coffee, while they think warm, happy thoughts, while reading good poetry… just an idea…). This book contains the same devotional-style poetry that you’ve seen on this site, but with some new twists. Check out my Poetry Books page for more information!


The long awaited book that nobody is talking about: ‘Out of the Dust’ has finally arrived!

out-of-the-dust-proofI’m super excited to announce the release of my fifth book in The Buckskin Peak Revolution series: Out of the Dust! And just in time for Christmas, too!  (hint, hint.)

It’s been a couple of years since book four, but this book should certainly make up for the wait. It’s the same faith-based, YA, animal-fiction that you’ve become accustomed to throughout this series, but this book certainly takes everything to another level. After defeating the Mountain Lion’s armies, Jonathan and his friends must rebuild the government for the mountain, but what form of government should they build, and what part should their faith play in the creation of their government? However, another warlord has appeared to the south and now threatens Seaweed’s holt. But the question of the day is, could Snedick still be alive?

The good news is that books six and seven are already written and are being edited, so you won’t have to wait quite so long for the conclusion of the series.

You can order this book through CreateSpace.com.

Or, if you prefer, you can purchase through Amazon.com (If it’s all the same to you, though, I’d prefer you buy at CreateSpace.com, since they give me more royalty.)

Also, check out the other books in the series by clicking here.