When Christmas Turns to Bedlam

When Christmas turns to Bedlam,
And Bethlehem to hatred,
With chaos and oblivion,
And tempers all inflated.
When peace gives way to lying,
When sin consumes all living,
When closest kin are dying,
Is God His grace still giving?
Oh! Seek the Lord in prayer,
For He gives peace in Bedlam,
He conquered the Dismayer,
When He was born in Bedlam.
So trust Him and obey his word,
Renew you wonder at His birth.

One thought on “When Christmas Turns to Bedlam

  1. The word ‘Bedlam,’ is actually a permutation of the word ‘Bethlehem,’ (referring to the Hospital of Bethlehem which was a public insane asylum started during the 14th century.) It’s fascinating to me how the name of Jesus’ birthplace, like the day on which we celebrate His birth, has turned to Bedlam. To a certain extent, this is appropriate though, as Jesus is the God who would bring peace to a world that has gone insane in sin. Jesus was born in bedlam, and in bedlam we still seek Him. Only through the blood of Jesus can we find redemption, peace, and joy.


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