Leviticus 25:1-34: Sabbatical

The work the Lord prepared,
With thorns our tribulation,
And in your sin impaired,
To break through your despair:
A year of jubilation.

A year that you must rest,
And cease from cultivation,
But do not be distressed,
For food I will address,
To feed your jubilation.

And trust that I provide,
And face no deprivation,
My holy Word imbibe,
In liberty abide,
In sacred jubilation.

So set your servants free,
And all throughout your nation,
Proclaim My liberty,
This is your jubilee,
A legal jubilation.

An ever flowing grace,
And total restoration,
Returning the displaced,
Exalting the debased,
In equal jubilation.

For Jubilee has come,
Who bought our full salvation.
Our liberty is won,
In Jesus Christ the Son,
In Him our jubilation.

As tenants on this earth,
The world is God’s plantation,
Proclaim your second birth,
By resting from your work,
Your Christian jubilation.


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