Pentahedronal Maturity (Hebrews 5:11-6:1)

Our Savior’s grace as God and priest,
Is too momentous to repeat;
You must engage, not mindless seek.
But diligence leads to maturity.

You have the word of God in hand,
Should you not teach our Lord’s commands?
Not as a child, act like a man!
For teaching aptly marks maturity.

Have you not known the righteous word?
You excuse sin with ‘grace’ or ‘works.’
Seek the full gospel you have heard,
To know God’s grace and call’s maturity.

This doesn’t happen over-night,
But you must practice what is right,
Conditioned God-ward – trained to fight,
And discipline will bring maturity.

Your effort still will not suffice,
But through the agency of Christ,
Will you be brought to paradise.
For Christ must cultivate maturity.

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