Fatherland (Hebrews 11:12-16)

Extravagant hope in the face of impossible odds,
Refusing to doubt; having faith in the promise of God.
The saints, staying faithful did not see the promise fulfilled,
In searching for something; a country, a place to call home.
Though many were mocked at; some died, and some others were killed,
But all lived in longing, and ever nomadic they roamed.
But Christ has prepared an extravagant city above,
A palace for each of His brothers, those washed in His blood.
So live as a pilgrim; an alien here on this earth,
Though you may be martyred for spurning the World’s many lusts,
But you are a patriot only to heaven by birth,
And Jesus is proud to be called God by those He calls just.
Extravagant grace to the numberless saints of our God,
Haste day when in heaven we join in ineffable laud!


The Faith of Abraham and Sarah (Hebrews 11:8-12)

The father of the faithful, Abraham,
At Yahweh’s call, with faith, abandoned all,
Without a question left his father’s tent,
Without a clue where he would make his stay,
And with his family, lightly-packed, he went,
With total trust that God would guide his way.
A city built by God awaited him,
And full adoption as Jehovah’s kin.
For Abram longed to see the promised land,
As Sarah longed to birth the promised seed,
And they observed a type of Yahweh’s plan,
But not the Lord’s fulfillment full indeed:
The Father, too, was faithful to His plan,
And to His only Son gave Abram’s call.

Death (Proverbs 29:18)

Where rain will never fall,
Where rivers never flow,
The land will stall and dry,
The fields will slowly die.

Where sun will never rise,
Where moon will never gleam,
The beasts with cries will cease,
While people scream and freeze.

Where scripture is not preached,
This scene is worst of all,
With vision leached men flee,
Seek self, the Fall, and blasphemy.