The Deer (Psalm 42)

I’m as a roebuck in a desert clime,
For safety from the hunting wolves I pine,
For water but to cool my panting tongue,
So thirsts my soul to see the Holy One.
I sorely long to meet the living Lord;
When will the fellowship be once restored?
My enemies still taunt and hound my way:
“Where is this fruitless god to which you pray?”
They torment, too, my brothers in the faith,
I weep o’er all the tortures that they face.
They steal our joy, devouring as beef,
And so my soul is all-consumed in grief.
But I remember how we led the praise,
Wholehearted worship to the Lord of Days.
Why am I overcast and, groaning, weep?
No, I will hope. For I’ve a faith to keep.
For once again I’ll give Jehovah praise,
As He has promised me to show me grace.
This time of trial, drought, and distantness,
Will build my trust in God’s great faithfulness.

Shepherd (I Timothy 3)

The wolves will ever prowl around the sheep,
To stalk, to maim, to kill, and then to eat.
The shepherd must be vigilent and bold,
If he would oversee the Father’s fold.
Protection of the church must be his aim;
A faithful shepherd is an honor gained.
But he must be above reproach from men,
That he not scandalize the faithful by his sin.
Let him be faithful, of a single mind,
Let him be sober, no addict of wine.
Let him not answer temptations of greed,
A skilled and able teacher he must be.
And let him manage his own household well,
Else how could he protect the church from hell?
So when the faithful shepherd does his part,
Though wolves may tear this weary world apart,
Their teeth will never taste the Father’s fold,
The church of God will stand every assault.

Exhortation (Hebrews 13:15-16, 22-25)

Let thanks be ever on your lips,
Your offering of speech,
With good works, sharing what is His,
To any who has need.

And bear with those who share the faith,
And serve their interests first,
So visit brothers face to face,
To build a closer church.

And give you greeting in the Lord,
To saints from every place.
Let every thought and deed and word,
Be offered up in grace.