As many of you already know, or as you may have suspected — regardless — as you are about to find out, I don’t only write poetry.

As I’ve been writing poems every week, I have also been working, intermittently, on several novels. If you liked the poetry, you might like my novels as well (at least, that stand to reason, don’t you think?).

The Buckskin Peak Revolution Series

Cover BPR 1is a fast paced animal fiction series I’ve ben writing for the last eight years. Four of the titles are published, and the last three are being edited. Stay tuned for more updates on this series!

Fantasy: Narl, and Ella

IMG_0406I’m also working on a fantasy series, loosely titled Histories of Gaise. I’ve written two books in this series and am currently trying to get them published. My goal with this series is to trace the history of a fantasy world from creation to present day, while handling fantasy in a God-honoring way.

Interested? Click here to read the first chapter of Narl, and tell me what you think of it.

Poetry Books

Important Trivialities CoverBut then again, if you just like my poems, and don’t feel up to reading whole novel, check out my books of poetry, Important Trivialities, and The Lover and The Liturgist.

Happy reading!

`God bless, ¬Amos