You called me, Lord, to take dominion here,
In fruitfulness and preaching that is clear.
In what way can I reach the world for You?
In fame and popularity pursue?
Through kings and wall street are You served the best?
Does earth’s success define Christian success?
I can not ever reach the world for You,
‘Til You are worshiped in my living room.
So I must teach my children in Your ways,
In domesticity to preach Your grace.
Through faithful households You desire to work,
And from the home You spread to all the earth.
The place where greatest fruitfulness will come,
Is in a home surrendered to Your Son.

Generational Faith (Deuteronomy 4)

Lord, Thou hast called me by Thy grace,
Redeeming me from judgment’s hand,
Thy call to me has given place,
To call my children from the damned.
I trust Thy will to do,
Will save my family too.
Lord, give me strength to teach Thy ways,
And not neglect Thy clear command,
Not presupposing on Thy grace,
But training them with humble hands.
My greatest joy to see,
My children trusting Thee.

Lord, guide me to be quick to hear,
And follow in Thy sanctity,
That all my children, ever near,
May learn by what they see in me.
Oh, keep me in Thy ways,
That they not learn to stray!
Lord, when your enemy appears,
Within the house Thou gavest me,
Make strong my hands to crush and clear,
Those things which turn their hearts from Thee.
Lord, guide my hands to war,
Keep nothing left in store.

Lord, do not let my faith stagnate,
Regeneration ends in me.
But as headwaters that create,
A progeny that follows Thee.
For many generations still,
My offspring following Thy will.

My Son:

Submit your will to Jesus Christ,
Make Him the Lord of all your life.
And learn His Bible truths by heart,
They wisdom, guidance will impart.
And read the scripture all your days,
And lean on it to learn God’s grace.
Contend against your fleshly sins,
With self-control to die to them.
Defend the holy gospel’s truths,
And hold them firmly from your youth.
Unveiling boldly worldly lies,
And every wicked law defy.
Contend for purity at home,
That your own house serves God alone.
Defend the church as Jesus’ bride,
And bring the nations to His side.
Yet through it all rely on Him,
To guard and then forgive your sins.
And rest in Him, and seek His grace,
To give you strength to run the race.
And He will give you wings to fly,
And so defend against all lies,
God’s grace and gospel, law and truth,
As long as God gives life to you.