My Son:

Submit your will to Jesus Christ,
Make Him the Lord of all your life.
And learn His Bible truths by heart,
They wisdom, guidance will impart.
And read the scripture all your days,
And lean on it to learn God’s grace.
Contend against your fleshly sins,
With self-control to die to them.
Defend the holy gospel’s truths,
And hold them firmly from your youth.
Unveiling boldly worldly lies,
And every wicked law defy.
Contend for purity at home,
That your own house serves God alone.
Defend the church as Jesus’ bride,
And bring the nations to His side.
Yet through it all rely on Him,
To guard and then forgive your sins.
And rest in Him, and seek His grace,
To give you strength to run the race.
And He will give you wings to fly,
And so defend against all lies,
God’s grace and gospel, law and truth,
As long as God gives life to you.


Train Up a Child (Proverbs 22:6)

You hold an everlasting soul:
The child lying in your arms.
You have the honor, then, to mold,
Their very life – their mind, their heart.

So cultivate a teacher’s part,
Encode the Bible in their hearts.
With family worship daily done,
In reading, prayers, and hymns sung.
Enthusiasm is your tool,
Your loves your children will love too.
And keep in mind the end looked for:
A godly servant of the Lord.
So one-on-one take time with them,
Disciple, love, and deal with sin.
You never will regret this life,
When you bring Children to the Christ.