The Faith to Persevere (Hebrews 10:37-11:2)

But just a little while,
The world’s barrage will end.
Sin’s shellings soon will pass,
And we will rise again.
The Lord will not delay,
His coming victory.
And His impending wrath,
Will set His people free.
The righteous live by faith,
Not by hypocrisy,
So shrink not from the truth,
But speak it fearlessly.
We cannot then hold back,
Or we are damned in fear.
So let us keep the faith,
And we will persevere.
For faith is simply this:
Hope made tangible.
It is the surest proof,
Of the invisible.
Faith is the cornerstone,
The fulcrum of belief,
The lever to uproot,
Each scoffer and soul-thief.
Faith is the argument,
The case none can refute.
It gives us sight to see,
To walk within the truth.
But just a little while,
The world’s barrage will end.
Sin’s shellings soon will pass,
And we will rise again.


Perseverance of the Faith (Hebrews 10:32-36)

Let not faith grow frailer in growing more old,
But fervent – fermenting like finely-aged wine.
Let pressure of prison and pain make us bold.
The fire of trials makes gold more refined.

Remember the saints who have suffered before,
Those slaughtered and sawed through and set on by beasts.
Courageously they kept the call of the Lord,
And God turned to glory each one of their griefs.

Pursue then the promise of God certainly;
Your faith is the substance of what we received.
And Christ will come quickly, crowned with victory,
To bring back His bride who through all still believes.

The Hands of Judgment (Hebrews 10:23-31)

Hold to the promise we hope in,
Which can not be bended or broken.
Relentlessly hold the confession,
For it’s your most costly possession.
The One who has promised is certain,
And nothing can ever deter Him.

Take cognizance of one another,
To aid in defending your brother.
Unto Godly righteousness guiding,
Not shirking, forsaking, or hiding.
Exhort to the truth ever clearer,
As God’s day of judgment grows nearer.

If you willingly sin not believing,
Though a full knowledge you are receiving,
You’ve forsaken the grace you were given,
There’s no sacrifice left to be given.
But there’s fire prepared for the scoffer,
And wrath that is whetted to slaughter.

Oh tremble before Jesus’ anger!
His judgment is dreadful in danger.
His hands which will harrow the nation,
Are our only hope of salvation:
By those hands every rebel will perish,
By those hands we are lovingly cherished.