Perfected Together (Hebrews 11:39-40)

The saints of older times obtained
Through faith a testimony claimed,
The promise was not shown,
Perfection yet unknown,
They spurned the world for heaven’s gain.

For blessed are those who do not see,
God’s end design for history,
And yet believe the word,
Which all the saints have heard,
And trust in Christ entirely.

And when God brings all to His end,
We will not be apart from them,
The saints of old and you,
Together are made new,
As Sons of God perfected then.

What Keeps You From Your Faith? (Hebrews 11:34-38)

What keeps you from your faith – you say you’re weak?
Yet weakness cannot cripple you complete.
For even cripples walked upon their feet,
And were empowered by their faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – your many foes?
Yet who can conquer him the Spirit knows?
For God exalts to fully overthrow,
And route your enemies by faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – your singleness?
A spouse will not release you from distress.
But God will raise you up to righteousness,
With offspring molded by your faith in God.

What keeps you from your faith – the threat of pain?
How many saints were tortured for His name!
Yet choosing this, the heavenly bliss to gain,
A better life revived through faith in God.

Faith that Covers Faults (Hebrews 11:30-34)

Faith becomes the gloss,
Which covers all our taints.
From convoluted crooks,
The Lord revived His saints.
From grumblers to conquerors,
From harlot to legitimate,
From trembling to leveling,
From cowardice to confidence,
From strong to weak, with something sweet,
From hated son to valiant one,
From tending flocks to slinging rocks,
From offering to crowning kings.
Though each had many faults,
They chose still to obey.
Their sins washed by the cross,
They’re faithful still today.