Vain Grace: II Corinthians 6:1

My grace is sufficient for you,
No matter what times you go through.
If I give you a thorn,
For this you were born,
Travail will fill lives,
Who after God strive,
With all the salvation you gain,
Receive not His grace then in vain.

If you then the gospel believe,
Was it to your heart well received?
Was it simply fact then?
Did you ever act them?
Are you not twice prideful,
Who wont fill your heart full,
With what you know well is the truth,
But what you refuse still to do?

Well surely then this is great pride.
If you would reject God as guide.
If you are not humble,
Then you ought to tremble,
For he surely brings down,
The wicked, uncouth, proud.
Submit to the Lord then with fear,
Before His strict judgment is here.

For pride will destroy the right roles,
For all should submit from the soul.
Submission to masters,
Submission to fathers.
The king then obeying,
And Spirit in-staying.
And when we afflictions will face,
Submit, humbled, live by His grace.

Your pride and impatience eschew,
And turn, you: God meekly pursue.
The humble he hears,
They victory gain,
But pride, when appears,
Will make your grace vain.
For those who trust God’s grace will wait,
Trust surly – these God will make great.

His grace – oh, His grace – grace sublime!
My God – Jesus Christ – made it mine!