Leviticus 25:25-28: Poverty

With fifty years to sell your work,
Or fifty years to buy more land,
That you may come back to your own,
And balance skillfulness of hand.
So never in your riches trust,
Or forced to endless servitude,
The Lord will bless the faithful hand,
And rich and poor He will renew.

And look out for your brother’s needs,
Redeem him from his servile state,
Reclaim the means he needs to work,
That he may still his wages make,
If God has blessed you with your wealth,
When brothers in the faith have needs,
It is God’s wealth, so mirror Him,
And use His money to redeem.

And treat the poor with honesty,
And help the ones God brings your way,
And help them stay accountable:
Relationships poverty stays.
Take no advantage of the weak,
Disciple them that they succeed.
Remember you are weak in sin,
Yet Jesus still chose to redeem.

Leviticus 25:1-34: Sabbatical

The work the Lord prepared,
With thorns our tribulation,
And in your sin impaired,
To break through your despair:
A year of jubilation.

A year that you must rest,
And cease from cultivation,
But do not be distressed,
For food I will address,
To feed your jubilation.

And trust that I provide,
And face no deprivation,
My holy Word imbibe,
In liberty abide,
In sacred jubilation.

So set your servants free,
And all throughout your nation,
Proclaim My liberty,
This is your jubilee,
A legal jubilation.

An ever flowing grace,
And total restoration,
Returning the displaced,
Exalting the debased,
In equal jubilation.

For Jubilee has come,
Who bought our full salvation.
Our liberty is won,
In Jesus Christ the Son,
In Him our jubilation.

As tenants on this earth,
The world is God’s plantation,
Proclaim your second birth,
By resting from your work,
Your Christian jubilation.

Leviticus 24:10-23: Stoning the Rebel

A rebel in the camp,
And rage like dams then broken.
An unrepentant tramp,
His blasphemy is spoken.
Are we not all as he?
Our arrogance our glee,
We love iniquity,
Our faith a feeble token.

With death the punishment,
His witness and his stoning,
Since he would not repent,
He dies with none bemoaning.
Then death should fall on us,
For this is right and just,
The price of hate and lust,
Our goodness not atoning.

Then sinning has this price:
Both death and then damnation;
The law of life for life,
For man of any station.
Is there yet some release,
To cleanse our blasphemies?
Yes, Jesus our high-priest,
Has died for our salvation.

And taking Him outside,
My sin to Him equated,
And there He bled and died,
And justice vindicated.
And I, the rebel, cleansed,
Forgiveness from my sins,
Returning praise to Him,
For grace that He created.