Memorial (Psalm 44:1-8)

Lord, we have heard of Your historic deeds,
Your providence our fathers preached to us,
By Your defense from tyrants they were freed,
With confidence in You they put their trust.

You raised up heroes who would act for You,
From Moses, Joshua, Gideon, and more,
To You and You alone is all the credit due,
For You gave victory when they made war.

Let my memorial be only Christ,
His guiding hand will be my only boast.
I’ll tell my kids His graces in my life,
When I was aided by the Lord of Hosts.

My Judge, My Light, My Song (Psalm 43)

Lord, the Judge of my salvation,
Judge the godless men’s deceit,
Show Your might as my defender,
Prosecute their perfidy.
Why have You made me an outcast?
Why must I mourn in this plight?
Lord, I know that You are sovereign,
I will trust Your love and might.

Lord send out Your light upon us,
Guide us to Your holiness.
Come, dispel each lie and shadow,
With Your perfect presence bless,
I have come unto Your mountain,
What have I to sacrifice?
To endure Your holy altar,
Let Your blood for me suffice.

I will sing to You thanksgiving,
In a dance Your worship raise,
Glad with all Your church to glory,
Harness ever art for praise!
What excuse have I for moaning?
I have hope since God is true.
God is God, and my God sovereign,
I will magnify anew!

Lament (Psalm 42:6-11)

I’m cut off from my people,
And my heart fills with woe,
As I try to remember,
All the graces You show,
As an outcast I wander,
With my soul sinking low,
Are You, Lord, yet my rock of salvation?

All the breakers wash over,
As I struggle and drown,
By the billows I’m swallowed,
And the current holds me down,
And the deep spouts of water,
Further threats do compound,
Are you watching, Lord, from Your high station?

Yet from sunrise to sunrise,
God is yet by my side,
And from sunset to sunset,
In the night He abides,
For His love never ceases,
He was near when I cried,
I will sing of His praise and be patient.

Though my enemies mock me,
And they stretch out a sword,
In my bones they have struck me,
Saying, ‘Where is your Lord?’
He is standing beside me,
In His arms I am borne,
Yes, my soul, He is still my salvation.