Jesus is More than Enough (Psalm 119:57)

Though people oppress me unjustly,
Though culture refuses to trust me,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though friends turn against me accusing,
Though family calls me confusing,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I am reduced to a pauper,
Though I need to beg for my supper,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I suffer cold and exposure,
Embarrassment, thirst, and foreclosure,
Jesus is more than enough.
Though I toil hard ever after,
With never a reason for laughter,
Jesus is more than enough.

Let all this be true, still I’ll laugh!
Without food or drink, I don’t lack.
Without anything, I am rich,
Beyond what world-riches can give.
I laugh in the face of all worldly success,
Consider myself the more infinitely blessed:
Jesus is more than enough!

Changed (Psalm 139:23-24)

Look not upon my neighbor’s faults,
But turn Your eye on me,
Compare me not with other’s deeds,
But with Your purity,
And judge me not by earthly laws,
But by the heavenly,
Else I would never change.

Oh, search my heart, O Lord, my God,
And show me what I am,
My very grievous self reveal;
All my distorted man,
My sins and failing all laid bare,
My straying from Your plan,
That knowing, I may change.

Lord, lead me in Your perfect way,
And make me ever pure.
Lord, heal the wounds which You reveal,
That You alone endure.
So I may better be Your word,
And show the world I’m Yours,
Since even I am changed.

The Heavens Are Speaking Aloud (Psalm 19)

The heavens are speaking aloud –
The wind, and the sky, and the cloud –
They’re shouting abroad the glory of God,
Proclaiming the works of His hands.

The languages of every land,
Have heard what creation demands;
Day utters words, and night yet concurs,
They shout in a patchwork of praise.

Each telling mankind of God’s ways:
His Majesty, beauty, and grace.
The galaxies hung, or wild-flowers sprung,
Or pitiful newborn’s first cry.

Oh, help me to never despise,
That voice when I hear it arise,
But let it renew my wonder of You,
And make me to join in its shout!