Pride in your country, school, achievement, looks and charm,
We men, rebellious, cannot see in pride the harm.
Humility we scorn, we call it weak and wrong,
But pride is really frail, humility is strong.

Humility trust God and does not doubt His will,
Is overwhelmed by grace and know when he does ill.
He wont exaggerate but listens and will serve,
Is teachable forgives much more than is deserved.

Humility has friends, for he will put them first,
Would you not be like him? Do you then humbly thirst?
For many of our surfaces sins are caused by pride,
Humility will cast our unbelief aside.

With unbelief our pride too dies and stops to be,
Believe the gospel to have true humility.
Not pity of our self for treatments we receive,
Instead we turn to God – to Him we humbly cleave.

Do not compare yourself to mortal, finite men,
In competition pride will thrive, if not it ends.
Why do we worship self, and force that others do,
For praise should not come to you, but should be sent from you.

Humility serves God, for God indeed is God,
And we are naught but dust, and formed of mud and sod.
God resists the proud, so therefore do not boast,
Discord and wars and fights all spring from pride – the host.

So therefore ask and do not trust your own device,
Instead believe and bow before the Lord – the Christ.
In unity the church will humble take her stand,
Repent of all your sins – accept Christ’s helping hand.


Repentance? Easy, all is done,
With outward motions I can act.
My flawless mask with glitter made,
Although my heart repentance lacks.

I still revel in my sin.
Though outward I preform the law.
Like a mummer’s petty play,
And yet my soul is one great flaw.

Do I sorrow?Truly yes,
Yet even Judas did the same.
I do not grieve because I sinned,
But for the punishment that came.

Will I ask “What have I done?”
Where will this lawlessness drive me?
Lord, in my grief drive me to You,
With hyssop purge me, make me clean!

Make my way not like the fog,
That burns up in the heat of dawn.
Not like the show-man, wailing loud,
When leaves the crowd, his act is gone.

I know I’m evil! Birthed in sin!
I make excuses, shift the blame.
The superficial’s all I fix,
And when I’m done repentance claim.

The foreign cavalry won’t save.
But only Christ my advocate.
Let Him baptize my heart and mind,
Through Him I true repentance make.


Oh feeble words! Unholy lines!
I cannot make you tell,
My rapture you obscure, obtrude.
This love that in me swells.
These words I use, so ruff and rude,
Cannot express my gratitude.

“What did I ever do for you,
That you should die for me?
And what did I ever give to you,
That you should live in me?”
What future did you see in me,
That you would set me free?
What beauty did you find in me,
That you adopted me?

How did I ever earn the right,
For you to call me son?
Did I not curse and crucify,
And kill you just for fun?
Could I ever earn this grace?
Could I do any good?
Could my dead soul do any right?
Yea, even if I should?

How do I live when I’m your child
And sit before your face?
Make me secure and satisfied,
But simply in your grace.
In my soul I love the pit,
From which you rescued me.
I revel in the sick and vile,
My hearts is putrid, see!

I turn for help and love to You,
I know You will renew.
My God – but more than God is He,
My Father He is, too.

O feeble words! Unholy lines!
I cannot make you tell,
My rapture you obscure, obtrude,
This love that in me swells.
These words I use, so ruff and rude,
Cannot express my gratitude.