Luke 19:41-44: Oh, Let Us Love As Jesus Loved

Oh, let us love as Jesus loves,
Who gave through His rejection,
He saw the pain we’d give His name,
Yet peace bore to conception.
Oh, let us love as Jesus loves,
And not miss what He gave us,
Or spurn the grace He put in place:
The sacrifice of Jesus.

Oh, let us give as Jesus gives,
For always peace He proffers,
And even you who hear the truth,
Must take the grace He offers.
Oh, let us give as Jesus gives,
And give the same to others,
When we are hated for our faith,
Forgiving every brother.

Oh, let us weep as Jesus weeps,
Thus grieved at sin’s rebellion,
And call to those who call us foes,
And weep for every hellion.
Oh, let us weep as Jesus weeps,
To see the lost in judgment,
And grieved for them who die in sin:
Yet preach without begrudgment.


Leviticus 19:9-18: Love Your Neighbor

O brother, love your neighbor!
Leave margin for the poor to eat,
With gleanings left after you reap,
To give your work to those in need.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Protect your neighbor’s property,
Don’t steal from him deceptively,
Or swear to him in blasphemy.

O brother, love your neighbor!
Don’t hold your power over him,
With holding wages is still sin,
Don’t laugh at weakness, but defend.

O brother, love your neighbor!
By seeking justice ever fair,
And never by their wealth compare,
But justice equal bring to bear!

Luke 16:1-13: Wealth, Mismanagement, and Grace

A manager misusing grace,
By leaving ledgers out of place,
For keeping clear security,
Unjustly freeing debtors’ fees.
As shrewdness schemes outside of law,
Providing pleasures that will rot,
Can you not scheme strategically,
To emphasize eternity?

If God is who you greatly praise,
Then does your spending show His ways?
Your wealth must serve the Lord Most High,
Or you will serve your wealth and die.

For lawless can’t erase a debt,
Nor money any sin offset.
But holy blood alone atones,
Enslave yourself to God alone.
And be you faithful with your wealth,
To serve not money of yourself.
Proclaiming golden roads to come,
In hope to hear God say, “Well done.”