Where Rivers Run (Galatians)

Where rivers run the trees will flourish free,
But in a desert land they cease to be.
And men of flesh are like that withered land,
Who live as corpses without faith to stand.
They are the highest source that they invoke;
They’re deaf to all the words that Jesus spoke.
The Holy Spirit is our water source;
He makes us holy – He is grace enforced.
His power pollinates the fruits of faith,
His intercession shows us how to pray,
He opens up our ears to hear God’s voice,
To turn our desert to a garden choice.
Sow to the Spirit works that you were told,
And He will make them grow a hundred fold.

O Sacred Savior (Hebrews 8:7-9)

O sacred Savior who alone,
In perfect living did atone,
The covenant of works achieved,
And thru’ Your works the Father’s pleased.
Yet You alone can this attain,
For none of us are without blame,
And falling from the moral path,
We bring upon ourselves God’s wrath.

O sacred Savior You excel,
Beyond the Law that damns to hell,
And You its missing parts provide.
You damned Yourself to save Your bride.
The covenant of grace produced,
Your blood upon the Law improved,
And graciously You made a way,
That lawfully we may be saved.

O sacred Savior praise to You!
Both perfect and perfecter, too.
Amen! All-worthy is the Christ,
The Righteous One who makes us right.
Yes, You have ripped apart the veil,
Perfecting where all others failed,
All majesty, all praise, all might,
Belong forever to the Christ!

Confidence In Christ (Hebrews 6:13-20)

When you are pressed in your despair,
And wonder if the Lord is there,
This confidence must be your hope,
And He will give you grace to cope.
For unto Abraham He swore,
“I’ll bless your offspring evermore.”
Yet Abraham was sorely pressed,
When God made Isaac as the test.
Yet Abram persevered in faith,
His patience, therefore, garnered grace.
And when two men may make an oath,
It’s by what’s greater than them both.
So God, when swearing, did appeal,
But to Himself – the perfect seal –
To show with overwhelming might,
The mediation made in Christ.
That those of faith may rest assure,
That their inheritance is sure.
And since the Father does not lie,
This matter no one can deny:
For those who have escaped the wrath,
And have this hope within their grasp;
The Lord has sworn, and He will act!
Now take great comfort in this fact;
As though an anchor for your soul,
This confirmation to take hold,
A confidence that will not fail,
To enter through the curtained veil –
For Jesus pioneered that path,
And we will follow Him at last!