Leviticus 23: Typological Rest

Every rest that Christ commanded,
Points as types and shadows,
To the rest in Christ now branded,
Of the days He hallowed.

Rest then showing our salvation,
Not by works receiving,
Trusting God against damnation,
In His grace believing.

Too, remember His creation,
Trumpets shrilly singing,
Keep yourselves – His holy nation,
He His kingdom bringing.

Keep your words and ways then humble,
Resting in His working,
These two things would make you stumble,
Christ atonement birthing.

And the harvest celebration,
All in tents are dwelling,
Showing Jesus’ incarnation,
Decadence dispelling.

Joy before the Lord displaying,
We the fruits He gathered,
Worship – joyous music playing,
Thanks to God the Father!

Resting in His many graces,
In your dwellings praise Him.
Keep His rest in all your places,
Every house embrace Him!

Leviticus 5: Omitted, Unclean, and Careless

Let justice fall! We’re guilty all,
We do not what we ought,
Reputing what God taught,
Transgressors found and caught.

For it is sin, this omission,
The guilt of falling short,
Refusing to report,
Like partial truth in court,

Do you not see? You are unclean,
Your body wreaking vile,
Your works like stinking bile,
In death fully defiled.

You’ll be repaid, for what you say,
Your carelessness of speech,
Your blasphemies repeat,
Your lips in lies are steeped.

Be rich or poor, come to your Lord!
Accepting Christ as head,
Who cleansed you guilt and dread,
Condemning death instead.

What will atone? Not beast or bone,
The sacrifice God gave,
Salvation by His grace,
Our offering our faith.

So justice stays! My sin is paid!
O guilty man – repent!
Let justice be content,
For this, Christ’s blood was spent

Leviticus 1:2-17: The Burnt Offering

Since I have sinned in thought and word,
Am I accepted by the Lord?
What offering is there for me?
What gift to purchase sanctity?

A spotless male of perfect form,
And costly for this purpose grown.
And so was Jesus all of these,
My Sacrifice and my High Priest.

The gift was offered to the Lord,
With hands out-laid and sins transferred.
And Jesus to the priests was brought,
Laid hands on Him and for Him fought.

The sacrifice by men was killed,
Its blood was on the altar spilled.
And Jesus too was killed by us,
His blood was drained into the dust.

The legs and bowels then were rinsed,
The meat was quartered, broke, and rent.
And Christ was rinsed in blood and sweat,
And as a whole was left when dead.

The sacrifice was burned in flame,
A pleasant fragrance upward came.
The fires of hell were quenched by Christ,
He, God’s accepted sacrifice.