Luke 20: Confrontation

“Why have this confidence?
With what authority?
How can you pardon sins?
Who do you claim to be?
How can you claim this true?
What narrow-minded hate!
Why listen then to you?
Or heed the words you say?
Why are you never swayed?
Nor care for our esteem?
Why are you ever staid?
Why your audacity?”

“Is this then your concern?
Then let me ask you this:
Why do you chose to spurn,
The truth to end resent?
When pressure then is high,
What is your guiding light?
What do you sacrifice?
What do you hold on tight?
For this reveals your god:
The idol in your mind,
And strips through your facade,
The main concern to find.
But you must give it all,
In sacrifice to Christ.
Through every pain recall:
God’s grace will all suffice.”


Matthew 8-9: Healing

Behold the winter withers soon,
For see, the herald flower blooms,
To show the rebirth to ensue,
The harbinger of God’s redemption.

The advent of His coming grace,
When He appeared here, face to face,
He healed the captive and abased,
Those in the curse of sin’s affliction.

For He had come to heal the sick:
The blind and filthy in their sin,
Who had the faith to call to Him,
Through them rebuking man’s dissension.

He healed with His authority,
The King of earth and sky and sea,
But full of human empathy,
And touching people in compassion.

He healed then to restore the lost,
And to restore from sinning’s cost,
The reason, too, He took His cross:
The bonds of sinful curse unfashion.

For He has born our grief and pain,
To kill the curse was why He came,
Restoring sinners in His name,
To consummate in full redemption!

I Peter 2:11-15

As pilgrims and migrants abstain,
War with the lusts of the flesh.
Our weapons unworldly will gain,
Love from the Lord we posses.

Non-Christians will always accuse,
Vilest affronts to our head.
Yet by the good works that we do,
They may exalt God instead.

Conduct then with honor you deeds,
They will observe and take heed.
Submit, for the Lord’s sake, to these,
Governors, judges, and kings.

Authority comes from the Lord,
Thus God appointed these men.
To wicked they draw out a sword,
Goodness they praise and commend.

For this is the will of our God,
Goodness and love be our rule.
Thus showing man’s falsehood facade,
Silencing ignorant fools.