The First-Fruits of Resurrection (I Corinthians 15:20-18)

The first-fruits of the harvest fully grown,
Were given as a sacred sacrifice.
And Christ, the sacrifice that would atone,
As first-fruit, promises eternal life.
First Christ was resurrected from the dead,
And claimed a place at God’s mighty right-hand,
Then all the saints will rise from their grave-beds,
Then everything will list to Christ’s commands.
And all authority is given Him,
Subjection every power ‘neath his feet.
Death cannot have dominion over Him,
But God is all, all is in Him complete.
So wait for resurrection patiently,
Christ’s resurrection was our guarantee.

Authority, Identity, Destiny (Hebrews 11:23-29)

Since God defines what goodness is,
There is no law which counters His,
Our faith fathers obedience,
To our greater authority.

Both Earth and Heaven lock in spar,
To claim us as their rightful heir,
Yet faith determines who you are,
And what is your identity.

A sinner’s passive to the truth,
A saint will always grace pursue,
Our faith will guide the things we do,
And follow God’s called destiny.

Absolute Authority (Hebrews 2:5-9)

As glorious as flaming angels are,
Was anything entrusted unto them?
God did not let them rule a single star,
But gave the world as the domain of men.
And Jesus Christ claims all authority,
And He redeemed His people from their plight.
Though He descended to mortality,
He’s now exalted, given His birth-right.
And absolute His power now holds sway,
And nothing is exempted from His reign,
Though you may never see it in your day,
Until that time when heaven’s shores we gain.
Have faith – the substance of the things not seen –
And you’ll be given this all-mighty King!