Blood (Hebrews 9:21-28)

Since blood was needed to redeem,
It sprinkled all the holy things.
Since sin had made it all unclean,
More blood was needed, more they bring.

But Christ, the perfect sacrifice,
Had blood that would forever cleanse,
Poured out in heaven to suffice,
As our eternal recompense.

And dying once, then all is done,
As our redemption is complete.
Remember, He is yet to come,
To trample death beneath His feet.


If Dumb and Mortal Beasts Can Cleanse (Hebrews 9:13-20)

If dumb and mortal beasts can cleanse,
Through blood and ashes of a lamb,
What greater cleansing of our sins,
Comes through the one immortal Word,
Both very God and very man?

So wash yourself by Jesus’ grace.
Receive the promise He gives free.
Because His death has taken place,
He mediates for our release,
To bless us through eternity.

The promise ratified by death,
And validated by God’s blood,
That Jesus’ grace may take effect,
Apart from any work we’ve done,
This signatory of His blood.

All praise we render to the Lord,
As we remember what He’s done.
The blood of promise He out-poured,
Let us rehearse that sacrament,
He all our crimson sins expunged.

Leviticus 4:22-35: Sin

O dread and phantom foe,
O sin, you enemy,
I bear you only hate,
Yet you reside in me!
This guilt shows I am damned,
And hell before me yawns,
The Law condemns to death,
My innocence is gone.
Infraction great or small,
Or felony the same,
Death is the sentence named,
Rebellion ends in shame.
My country-men in whole,
As murderers bear guilt,
The blood of those unborn,
By millions has been spilt.
And we the church have sinned,
Constricting unity,
Forgetting brothers bound,
In pointless vanities.
And I, a leader, led,
My followers astray,
My guilt in mill-stone’s weight.
Lord, can this be assuaged?
Will blood of bulls redress,
Rebellion against God?
Repeated sacrifice,
And ever spilling blood?
Yet better blood was shed,
The holiest of all,
For God Himself has died,
And let forgiveness fall.
The guilt that we confess,
His blood has washed away.
Let sin then shrink in dread,
Defeated and dismayed!