Leviticus 4:22-35: Sin

O dread and phantom foe,
O sin, you enemy,
I bear you only hate,
Yet you reside in me!
This guilt shows I am damned,
And hell before me yawns,
The Law condemns to death,
My innocence is gone.
Infraction great or small,
Or felony the same,
Death is the sentence named,
Rebellion ends in shame.
My country-men in whole,
As murderers bear guilt,
The blood of those unborn,
By millions has been spilt.
And we the church have sinned,
Constricting unity,
Forgetting brothers bound,
In pointless vanities.
And I, a leader, led,
My followers astray,
My guilt in mill-stone’s weight.
Lord, can this be assuaged?
Will blood of bulls redress,
Rebellion against God?
Repeated sacrifice,
And ever spilling blood?
Yet better blood was shed,
The holiest of all,
For God Himself has died,
And let forgiveness fall.
The guilt that we confess,
His blood has washed away.
Let sin then shrink in dread,
Defeated and dismayed!

Leviticus 3:17: Blood and Fat

Your life is not your own,
Don’t live on bread alone,
Life not sustained by blood or flesh,
Nor by your works atoned.

Then see this owner’s manual,
With statutes called continual,
Prohibits eating blood and fat,
Is this then still immoral?

Was this not abrogated,
These temple statutes stated?
Yet we are priests and temples now,
A people consecrated.

Uncleanness was repealed,
Yet blood was holy sealed,
To drink it seems imprudent then,
All to the Lord we yield.

Abstention will not save,
Salvation bought by grace,
Our life redeemed by Christ’s own blood,
His blood alone we crave.

The Life-Bleeding

(Your Special Resurrection Day Poem!)

“It is not right! It can’t be good!
This bleeding and this pain.
Are we not given glorious life,
And not a crimson stain?
For blood is death, and life is breath.”
Yet first was blood and then came Seth.

Before re-birth, before new life,
First something else must bleed.
Because the life is in the blood,
As states the ancient creed.
The birth of young, when first begun,
There must be blood and water sprung.

The redbud’s bleeding flower grows,
Before new life of spring,
And fire’s gules and burning heat,
New life to fields will bring.
This crimson-red, this gory spread,
Will not give death, but life instead.

For blood and water flowed with pain,
When our fair Savior died.
His crimson brow and bloody limbs,
Thus cruelly crucified.
When He was killed, His blood was spilled,
And our dead souls with life were filled.