How To Love

When the life of your brother is threatened,
You must put your own life in his place.
When for help he most desperately beckons,
Then give up what you need for his sake.
For the Lord looked on us who were loath-full,
And risked all for the sake of our life,
With His blood He has bought our betrothal,
So would you make the same sacrifice?

And remain in the light of the scripture,
For our love only comes through the Lord,
And apart from the heavenly Teacher,
You can never hope, love, or restore.
For to love God will benefit others,
And obeying will bring His reward,
Then the best way to show love to brothers,
Is first formed when we follow the Lord.

And remove all the snares that will stumble,
Choose to love in the face of their hate.
If they nag or disdain or just grumble,
Yet continue in love to partake.
And reject all the sins that you’re nursing,
You’re forgiven – forgiven indeed!
He has taken all sin and all cursing,
Give the love you most desperately need.

I Peter 5:14: Lovely Talk

An eggshell in a hurricane,
A chick within a forest fire,
A cohort in a hostile land,
A skiff without a friendly pier.

The church can not afford to spurn,
Ignoring those within its fold,
And default to the worldly talk,
Like diamonds left in ice and cold.

Yet we must dwell with unity,
And love, accepting painful bliss.
How do you talk to brothers then,
To unify and show them this?

Let your Salvation be your theme,
Authority as God has called,
Of glory found in suffering,
Affirming holy, righteous all.

Great brethren with a kiss of love,
In holiness and unity,
Remember God embraced us all,
We all will share eternity.

And bless each other, too, with peace,
For others pray and intercede,
And spur each other on towards Christ,
The Church, through God and love succeeds.

I Peter 4:7-11: Apocalypse Survival

The end of all things then is nearing,
What should we do about that?
Should we fight or hide, then would we survive?
Is there yet a way we should act?

Be wise and sound-minded in prayer,
Reasonable and awake.
Not carried away, irrational haze,
Thus daily our prayer in faith.

To new heights of love then be stretching,
Love covers myriad sins.
Exhorting in Christ your brothers to life,
Be fervent, with passion defend.

And too, hospitality seeking,
Brothers and strangers alike,
Don’t grumble for price, you did it for Christ,
Or possibly angels disguised.

And always be serving each other,
Managing God’s gifts of grace.
So speak as for Christ, serve as He supplies,
To glorify God as first place.