See the Hands of Jesus

See the hands of Jesus:
The calluses of heavy work,
For He was never idle,
When He was living on this earth.
The hammer, awl, and chisel,
Were frequent tools in Jesus’ hands,
And He was surely sun-burnt,
When He was living as a man.
If He then is your master,
Then follow in His diligence,
For working gives God glory,
Both preaching truth, or mending tents.

See the hands of Jesus:
Disfigured by the bloody nails,
They speak the testimony,
Of grace which never, never fails.
Since by His grace He bought you,
Then clothed in grace you must proceed,
And when He gives you profit,
Use it to give to those in need.

Needy (Psalm 41:1-3)

I serve a God who clothes each little flower,
I serve a God who knows each sparrow’s need,
I serve a God who planned out every hour,
Who fashioned life, from man, to beast, to seed.
And so he looks on earth in His compassion,
And not a spot escapes His loving eye,
So blessed is he who acts in Godly fashion,
And answers wisely when the needy cry.

How can we show our love for God the Father,
Unless we first can love the least of these?
And love demands we love him as a brother,
To help him with the things he truly needs.
Should we not help each thing we see as needy,
To serve as stewards o’er all the Lord has made?
Though you can not enrich the world completely,
You must be faithful and you must obey.

For God will bless that man who helps the beggar,
And He will guard him in the evil day,
And God will give him life to live forever,
And bless the land on which he tends and stays.
And God protects him from all those who hate him,
And will sustain him, giving him his health.
For God adores that man who will embrace Him,
And shares to poor men from his little wealth.