Fret Not (Psalm 37:1-6)

Let not your eyes arise in angst against,
The wicked man, nor envy his deceit,
Because that man will burn in discontent,
Consumed and scorched like withered stalks of wheat.
Believe the Lord and do what’s best and right,
Befriend the faithful and possess the land.
Through covenant with God, in Him delight,
And He will calm your heart, fed by His hand.
Commit yourself unto the cause of Christ,
Let Him control, completely operate,
That He deliver you into the right,
So you may shine in light that He creates.
Thus all your frets and worry throw aside,
And trust in God and place Him as your guide.


Pain (Luke 23:44-49)

What has the Father done,
In punishing His son?
What wrath has He imposed,
To treat Him as His foe?
To such a torture sent,
His body bruised and bent,
In naked shame displayed,
To suffocate in pain,
While dogs and vultures swarm,
To desecrate His form.
Is this the price of sin?
The Son of God condemned.
You secret-keepers see,
The cost then to redeem.
Behold your Savior’s pain,
Why shrink, then, from His name?
Will you not yet confess,
This King of Righteousness,
Before the courts of man?
Or else would you be damned?
What mercy God has shown,
Redeeming us – His foes.
The risen Christ revealed,
His horrid wounds now sealed.
We’re summoned to His throne,
He calls us all His own!

Keep the Love of God (Jude 20-23)

The love of God will outlast any strain,
Is not revoked or given you in vain,
Take not for granted: actively maintain,
To keep yourselves in Jesus’ love.

And build your faith – a fort for your defense,
The primal scaffolds follow His blue prints,
To fuller knowledge, love, obedience,
To keep yourselves in Jesus’ love.

And pray at all times in the Spirit’s course,
To guide yourselves through this world’s sinful course,
In fellowship with the Triunal source,
To keep yourselves in Jesus’ love.

Anticipate the Lord’s redemptive acts,
As Simeon, in vigil never lax,
And share His works of mercy known as facts,
To keep yourselves in Jesus’ love.