Psalm 27: To Turn My Heart

My God, my holy light by which I see,
My God, my saving life which hallows me,
My God, my sacred might protecting keeps,
Then what could make me tremble – make me fear?

My foes who sought to snare my life and soul,
Have stumbled on the air and broke their skulls,
Though armies siege, aware God keeps me whole,
My trust in Him who keeps His mercy near.

But one thing I have asked of God most high,
To in His presence bask, His beauty spy,
And take my mental task to truth descry,
To hide myself in Him, my Rock appear.

Oh, hear me when I call, and answer me!
Oh, do not let me fall, but hear my plea.
Direct my paths and all the thoughts I see,
I know that when I pray You surely hear.

Though every one forsakes my life in hell,
In God I put my faith and am compelled,
To speak to fellow saints, His wonders tell,
Proclaim His praise! His faithful worship rear!

Hebrews 10:23-25: For the Love of Church

What is it you love?
Can you show it enough?
Or would you leave, yourself bereaving,
Is this how you love?

And do you then return,
The love you could not earn,
And spend your days forever praising,
Holiness we learn?

Do you love your life,
Too much to come to Christ?
And as His symbol – church assembling,
Gather as His bride.

To love we must provoke,
To righteousness invoke,
Exhort, reprove, and help: all-loving,
As the Teacher spoke.

Thus to church repair,
No worldly work-affair,
And Jesus Christ – His glory sighting,
We join each other there.