The Son has every right to boast:
In Him all might is vested.
In Him is light and life composed,
Who even dying bested.
Yet did He cloak Himself in opulence?
But no, He took upon fleshly substance.

The mighty God laid glory by,
To save the men who failed Him.
By shame and blood to sanctify,
Forgave those who assailed Him.
He would not seek out glory — though His due,
So every Christian must be humble, too.

Humility prerequisites,
The guidance of the Spirit,
for we are made by selflessness,
First sensitive to hear it.
With hearts made pliable to hear His voice,
May we exhibit His love, peace, and joy.

This too will build our unity,
As Christians and as brothers.
With views held in humility,
Considering each other.
To other Christians lovingly give place,
That we may show the world our Savior’s face.

The First-Fruits of Resurrection (I Corinthians 15:20-18)

The first-fruits of the harvest fully grown,
Were given as a sacred sacrifice.
And Christ, the sacrifice that would atone,
As first-fruit, promises eternal life.
First Christ was resurrected from the dead,
And claimed a place at God’s mighty right-hand,
Then all the saints will rise from their grave-beds,
Then everything will list to Christ’s commands.
And all authority is given Him,
Subjection every power ‘neath his feet.
Death cannot have dominion over Him,
But God is all, all is in Him complete.
So wait for resurrection patiently,
Christ’s resurrection was our guarantee.

Altar (Hebrews 13:10-14)

There is an altar to our God,
That stands in heaven’s court.
No spotless beast there shed its blood,
To pacify the Lord,
But Jesus Christ our sacrifice,
Has bled there in our stead,
His blood alone for us atones,
And buys us from the dead.

And when the Word came down to men,
We would not hear His voice.
But silently He took our sin,
It was His solemn choice.
With fearsome cries to crucify,
They led my Lord outside,
And damned to death, with His last breath,
My guilt was sanctified.

And likewise Christians follow Christ,
As He has led the way.
Care not of earth, or man, or tribe,
For they will pass away.
And leave behind all sin in kind,
All product of revolt,
With this outside, and our Lord in sight,
That Him alone we’ll hold.