The Eternal High Priest (Hebrews 7:20-25)

When we are whelmed with wicked men,
When evil poises for the win,
And we are tempted to give in;
For was our faith misguided, then?
Yet open up your weary eyes:
There’s more which stand upon our side.

For God the Father this oath swore:
“Christ is My priest forevermore.”
And He will never come up short,
Nor be abandoned by the Lord.
Thus He assures this better oath,
Defended by the Lord of hosts.

And He will never be replaced,
But actively will see us saved,
From any sin, or any place,
If we but trust Him through His grace.
The intercession of the Christ,
Secures the victory for His side.

Deliver Me From Evil (Psalm 41:5-13)

My enemies expect my death, destruction of my name,
Disseminating lies and scheming scandals for my shame.
They’re misers of iniquity and men who hoard their sin,
My faithful friend who ate my food turned foe-man in the end!

O, dearest Lord, but You and You alone deliver me,
Give grace and get me up at once again Your call I’ll seek.
By this I know You heard my hollering for help and aid:
If these malicious men may never marshall troops in might arrayed.

I know that You deserve my praise, since You were pleased with me,
For You positioned me that You might hear my prayers and pleas,
You hallowed me and cleansed me of abhorrent calumny,
The Lord be praised in every age, amen eternally!

Reason (Proverbs 29:7)

Since God is slow to judge,
He bears no threat to me,
I see no consequence,
There is no law I see,
No power but what’s mine,
Except the law of might,
The power of the sword,
And winning makes it right.
I’ll let my heart be glad,
And take those things I need,
If God had loved the weak,
He wouldn’t make them sheep.
For I may wield the rod,
It will not fall on me,
I choose what I may have,
In my sagacity.
I am forever right.
How dare you question me!
The Father wont come home,
He judges not, as me.
For I have helped the poor,
Who payed their dues to me,
I only took the wealth,
Of those who were to weak.
I wont reprove my son,
I want to hep him see,
The rod would do him hurt;
Let him then be as me.