Sacrificial Love (I John 3:10-19)

The natural state of man is hate,
And native to our evil,
Imbondaged then and slaves to sin,
The primal state of people.

Yet we have seen Him intervene,
To sow His love within us,
That Gospel seed now blooming green,
And molds us after Jesus.

By this alone His saint are known,
By love alone distinguished,
Though man may try to live a lie,
Sin Christ alone extinguished.

They are the same as wicked Cain,
Who murdered his own brother,
He could not purge the evil urge,
Since by the devil fathered.

Set not your ways to worldly praise,
But to your father sacred,
What you pursue, they will eschew,
The world will bear you hatred.

This breath of hate will death create,
And everlasting dieing.
But He has saved us from the grave,
And by His love reviving.

Impassioned love, an active love,
We bear for every brother,
Our very life His sacrifice,
And in His love we’re covered.

For hate the seed to murder leads,
But we must die for others,
Like Christ then called, to love men all,
Who turned us into lovers.

But if you see a brother’s need,
Have means, but do not aid him,
Can love abide or is there Christ?
No, you have just betrayed Him.

As we have heard, love not with words,
In work and truth appearing,
Which will arise through sacrifice,
To face Him without fearing.


Walk in the Light! (I John 1:5-2:2)

Jehovah God, the Spirit, Christ,
Displays Himself in purest light,
No shade of darkness is in Him,
But flow from us in putrid sin.
A rift between the Lord and man,
Thus righteously we should be damned:
We hypocrites, indifferent beasts!
Delusional in all we teach,
Denying, lying, minimizing,
Shifting blame, and criticizing,
In total disregard of right,
And sold to dark, rebellious night.

In darkness yet the Light has dawned,
To show the way our Lord has gone,
That we may follow after Him,
Walk in the light, and not in sin!
This narrow beam of light we walk,
Between the lions towards the Rock,
The house of God that Jesus made,
Who washes all our sins away.
For in the light we safe abide,
In light we’re cleansed to be His bride.

If you would walk this narrow way,
Confess the sins that you display,
And do not hide or cover sin,
Expose sin quickly and repent.
Be confident that He will save,
Who ever washes sin away,
Confess specifically your sin.
Without a grudge He cleanses them.

If you are cleansed then you are light,
So penetrate the darkest night!
Shine out the light that they may see,
And come into eternity,
When some from every tribe unite,
All clothed in white – all clothed in light,
When darkness ceases then to be,
To worship God eternally!

Luke 20:9-16: The Parable of the Tenants

(To the Tune of “The Star of the County Down)

Once there lived a man,
With a piece of land,
And he planted a vineyard there,
And let this vintage,
As a tenantage,
And left it in the tenants’ care.

“I am coming soon,
On the harvest moon,
For a taste of my finest wine,
You may live here free,
If you give to me,
But a taste of what’s really mine.”

But when harvest came,
And the owner’s claim,
Was rebuffed by the tenants’ hand,
And his servants they,
Wounded, hurt, and slayed,
Who were sent to their master’s land.

“You may come back soon,
On the harvest moon,
And demand for a taste of wine,
Yet we take for free,
We refuse your fee,
What was yours now I claim as mine.”

Finally who would come,
But the owner’s son,
To request of his father’s land,
But the tenants rise,
And with plans devise,
And slew him with their wicked hands.

“I a coming soon,
On the bloodied moon,
For those who took away my wine,
And the rebels’ rent
Is in judgment spent,
If you keep what is really mine.”

You were given land,
At the Father’s hand,
So remember that all is His,
As a renter keep,
Not as owner reaps,
But in thanks for what Jesus gives.

“I a coming soon,
On the bloodied moon,
For those who took away my wine,
And the rebels’ rent
Is in judgment spent,
If you keep what is really mine.”