The Raging (Psalm 2)

I see the nations raging,
With plotting in conspiracy,
In blasphemy engaging,
They meditate on vanity.
They wish to loose the fetters,
And break the bonds to become free,
Yet His laws make all better,
His bonds are reason, gravity.

I see the Son arising!
Be quick to kiss His hands and feet,
And flee from your despising,
That path but leads to your defeat.
Those found in insurrection,
He laughs at them and levels them,
Yet in His resurrection,
He cleanses those who turn to Him.


Arise, O Lord (Psalm 35:1-10)

Arise, O Lord, and hear my plight,
And for my vindication fight!
I will not for myself contend,
But trust that You will now defend.

Arise, O Lord, with buckler born,
And bring my shield: the faith I’ve sworn,
Unsheathe the spear snatched from my foe,
The strength of Your salvation shown.

Arise, O Lord, and bring dismay,
On those who seek my life for prey,
Turn back their course, confuse their plots,
Bring them to shame, their plans to naught.

Arise, O Lord, Your angel send,
To chase the wicked to their end,
Their way be perilous and dark,
And dread of God consume their heart.

Arise, O Lord, their pit is laid,
Their net disguised for feet that strayed,
Destroy the foe’s insidious plots,
Let him within his net be caught.

Arise, O Lord, and hear my praise,
A song of Your salvation raised,
Let all my bones exalt Your deeds,
Who helps the one who was in need.

He Will Not Put Me To Shame (Psalm 31:1-10)

I have heard the slander of many,
Followed by foes who claim,
They will conquer – they gather against me:
But the Lord will not put me to shame.

While He stands, the Judge who is righteous,
After the way He is named,
By the means of that righteous deliverance,
Makes me holy and never ashamed.

He becomes my rock and my refuge,
Making my clean escape,
He has ransomed me from those who pursue,
And has saved me from being ashamed.

He is caught! In my place He suffers,
Naked and cursed He’s slain.
While His foes mock His torture with laughter,
In His death He has taken my shame.

He returns, the Judge who is righteous,
Giving me grace to gain,
He will continue to show Himself gracious,
While He puts all His foe-men to shame.

Oh, my strength, my fortress, my harbor,
Always in truth remain,
Hating any who worship their idols,
Yet Your love has not put me to shame!