The Son has every right to boast:
In Him all might is vested.
In Him is light and life composed,
Who even dying bested.
Yet did He cloak Himself in opulence?
But no, He took upon fleshly substance.

The mighty God laid glory by,
To save the men who failed Him.
By shame and blood to sanctify,
Forgave those who assailed Him.
He would not seek out glory — though His due,
So every Christian must be humble, too.

Humility prerequisites,
The guidance of the Spirit,
for we are made by selflessness,
First sensitive to hear it.
With hearts made pliable to hear His voice,
May we exhibit His love, peace, and joy.

This too will build our unity,
As Christians and as brothers.
With views held in humility,
Considering each other.
To other Christians lovingly give place,
That we may show the world our Savior’s face.

Worthy Is the Lamb of God (Hebrews 1:4-14)

Worthy is the Lamb of God!
Worthy to become the Son!
He who cleared sin with His blood,
He is worthy! He alone!

God has called Him as His Son,
Heir of all the Father’s praise.
For which angel was this done?
Christ alone received this place.

Who do all the angels serve,
Seated with God on the throne?
Christ alone their praise deserves,
Christ, whose blood for sin atoned.

He makes angel spirits fly,
Ministers of burning flame.
He is seated, throned on high,
Everlasting is His reign.

Mighty as His creatures are,
Wondrous as every work,
He alone ignites the stars;
He created this great earth.

Never did an angel sit,
With the Father on the throne.
Christ alone was given this,
To the Son all honor shown.

Worthy is the Lamb of God!
Worthy to become the Son!
He who cleared sin with His blood,
He is worthy! He alone!

Luminescent (Hebrews 1:3)

The glory of God is shined out in the Son:
The radiant light of the Magnificent,
The stamp of His substance, both separate but one,
The image and mold, and the Molder who’s sent.

He carries the world in the laws He decreed.
The physical, moral, and mental He made.
The breaking of law which is sin, perfidy,
By Him He made purification – all paid.

He sits now in honor, with God in the heights,
Thus taking up office as ruler of all,
A priest now forever. On Him fix your sights,
Oh! Trust Him and follow with faith when He calls.