Our Father of Mercy (Hebrews 13:20-21)

To the tune: “The Lambs of the Green Hills”

O our Father of mercy, come and share peace with us,
From our enemy save us and renew in us trust.
With peace from sin and suffering from all tumult and lust,
Build unshaken reliance on You, Lord.

O our Lord of creation, come revive us anew,
Resurrect us from sinning, so we’ll seek after You,
Give us life in Your Spirit, life that’s faithful and true,
Dead to dying, we’ll be more like You, Lord.

O our Father and shepherd, faithful unto Your sheep,
Ever guide us with mercy, when we wander or flee,
For, lo, You’re ever watchful, and You never will sleep,
But will rally us back unto You, Lord.

O our Father by promise and in covenant one,
With your blood you have bought us, and have called us Your sons,
In that blood, then, forever, we can confident come,
And Your sacrifice brings us to You, Lord.

O our Father all-holy, You are sacred and pure,
Now equip us for good works, through all suffering endure.
Help us heed those above us, make us generous and sure,
And bear offspring that listen to You, Lord.

O our Father of mercy, you perform what is right,
You are perfect in goodness, ever pleasing in Your sight,
And Your every performance is accomplished in Christ,
Let our praises be given to You, Lord!

Thoughts on Leviticus 13:47-59 and 14:33-57

As human beings, stewards of the world,
We intervene against destruction’s blight.
Protecting our domain from plague and sword,
In Jesus’ strength, indomitable, we fight.
As priests made in the covenant of grace,
We’re called to make a clear distinguishing,
Discernment of both good and evil states,
For know that you will judge the angel kings.
As sons and daughters of the living God,
Empowered by the Spirit’s mighty aid,
We’ll tear away the pitted, leprous spot,
Removing sin’s uncleanness from our ways.
For God is sovereign over everything,
And we rely upon the King of kings.

The Marriage Bed (Hebrews 13:4-6)

The marriage bed is sacred, and it must
Be kept all undefiled as is just.
The love between a husband and his wife,
As undefiled as is Christ,
Or as the faith ineffable and true,
Or as Heaven’s inheritance to you.
This covenant conjoined — this married love,
Will typify the Trinity’s above.
And God will judge in unrelenting rage,
The one who sullies this sacred estate.
Oh! Heap up honor on the marriage bed,
In celebration when two souls are wed.
But flee dissatisfaction like the plague,
For that is how the devil leads the dead.
But for your spouse thank God continually,
Contentment body-guards fidelity.
When loving as the Lord, in Him conjoined,
No sword can separate, no foe destroy.